Allan Clarke Is Back, With Graham Nash In Tow

It’s been 20 years since THE HOLLIES warbler and heartthrob Allan Clarke turned his back on music and, save for a couple of appearances alongside former colleagues, kept silent, but this silence is broken now that there’s going to be a new album out on September 20th. Composed with GarageBand, the record – titled “Resurgence” – will feature one of the aforementioned colleagues, Graham Nash, on backing vocals, with more yet-to-be-announced surprises in store. While the first single off it is “Journey Of Regret” – the album’s opener (watch below) – of special interest would be, of course, “Long Cool Woman’s Back In Town”: a sequel to Clarke’s immortal “Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress” from 1972.

Here’s the full tracklist of “Resurgence” – the “LXXVII” meaning Allan being 77 years of age:


1. Journey Of Regret
2. You Broke My Heart
3. The Door Is Slowly Closing
4. I’ll Just Keep On Walking
5. I’m Only Sleeping
6. Heart Of Stone
7. I Don’t Know The Reason
8. Don’t Let Me Down
9. Long Cool Woman’s Back In Town
10. I’m Comin’ Home

July 16, 2019

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