Allan Clarke Teams Up With Graham Nash To Share Memories

As an owner of one of the sweetest voices in rock, with or without THE HOLLIES to back him, Allan Clarke might also serve as an example of graceful aging, with the singer’s 2019 album “Resurgence” signaling his proper return to recording studio after an almost two-decade-long sabbatical – the retirement which, fortunately for the English artist’s fans, proved to be temporary. More so, that platter didn’t turn out to be his last, as the veteran is to release its follow-up on April 7th.

Titled “I’ll Never Forget” and filled with memorable introspective pieces such as finale “Who Am I?” as well as many memories, it finds Clarke partner up, after many years, with another prominent songwriter, his childhood friend and THE HOLLIES’ co-founder Graham Nash, who also can help Allan weave vocal magic on the likes of single “Buddy’s Back” (watch the video below) – an echo of their contribution to “Peggy Sue Got Married” on a Buddy Holly tribute album in 1996, and a sign of their renewed bond. The result promises to sound magical.

I’ll Never Forget

1. You Need Someone To Save You
2. I’ll Never Forget
3. The Presence Of You
4. Movin’ On
5. When Love Walked Out The Room
6. You Shine A Light
7. You Didn’t Like It
8. Buddy’s Back
9. Let’s Take This Back To Bed
10. Maybe The Next Time
11. Who Am I?

February 12, 2023

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