Alumni And International Line-Up Pay Homage To Peter Gabriel

One of those rare artists whose repertoire is so rich that they can easily afford leaving behind and not perform the oeuvre of their previous ensembles, Peter Gabriel is also one of the most influential creative forces. There is SECURITY PROJECT basing their entire experience on his music – and then there’s no less ambitious project called “Through The Wire” that involves more than 140 performers from all around the world and that released, over the last months, four volumes of the English veteran’s songs, with six to eight volumes to follow later in the year.

Devised by producer Jeremy Nesse who plays on almost all of the tracks, the endeavor features, among other players, such prominent alumni of Gabriel’s group as Tony Levin, David Sancious and Jerry Marotta, who always manage to find new angles to familiar material, as well as such luminaries as Jakko Jakszyk, Gail Ann Dorsey, Tim Bowness, Albert Kuvezin and Julie Slick – all contributing to the variety of Peter’s songs, five per volume, including rare cuts and the numbers that the classic left unfinished.

The four volumes, detailed below, with the latest one issued today,, are available now via the project’s Bandcamp page, with a hard-copy compilation to arrive at the end of 2022.

Through The Wire,
Volume One

Through The Wire, Volume One:

1. START –
    feat. Kara Day and Tom Payne
2. I Don’t Remember –
    feat. Jakko Jakszyk, Jerry Marotta, Deane Arnold,
    Elliott Sharp and Christian Costantini:

3. Down To Earth –
    feat. Gail Ann Dorsey, Pete Levin and Tony Levin
4. Growing Up –
    feat. Marco Machera and Julie Slick
5. The Tower That Ate People –
    feat. Tammy Scheffer
6. Zaar – feat. Mark Cook and Ian Boddy

Through The Wire,
Volume Two

Through The Wire, Volume Two:

1. Big Time –
    feat. Sasha Pushkin, David Kollar, Daniel Pircher and Albert Kuvezin
2. Curtains –
    feat. Dewa Budjana, Ubiet Nya Ina Raseuki, Saat Syah,
    Rishanda Singgih and Gusti Hendy

3. Red Rain –
    feat. Ari Hest, Deane Arnold and Camille Bigeault:
4. D.I.Y. –
    feat. Steve Ball, Tobias Ralph, Matias Mango and Fernando Kabusacki
5. Lead A Normal Life –
    feat. Tim Bowness and Peter Chilvers

Through The Wire,
Volume Three

Through The Wire, Volume Three:

1. Moribund The Burgermeister –
    feat. Brian Cummins, Deane Arnold and Pete Wilhoit
2. Secret World –
    feat. Adam Rubenstein, Angie Pollock and Pete Wilhoit
3. Oh! But (AKA Daddy Long Legs) –
    feat. David Sancious
4. I Have The Touch –
    feat. Celine Du Terte, David Jameson,
    Jerry Marotta and Deane Arnold

5. Slow Marimbas –
    feat. Karina Garrett and Christina Ruf

Through The Wire,
Volume Two

Through The Wire, Volume Four:

1. Exposure –
    feat. Leashya Fitzpatrick-Munyon, Deborah Carter Mastelotto, Deane Arnold,
    Dean Pascarella, Colin Gatwood, Ritchie DeCarlo and Bill Munyon

2. Excuse Me –
    feat. Don Rauf, Susan Hwang, Henry Tenney and Charlie Nieland
3. Don’t Break This Rhythm –
    feat. Lori Lynner, Famoro Dioubat√©, Matt Beck,
    Bastos Moheno, Evan Foreman and John O’Reilly, Jr

4. Indigo –
    feat. THE DEEP COVE
5. Bashi-Bazouk –
    feat. Bradford Reed

May 6, 2022

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