Amanda Lehmann Releases A Yuletide-Theme Single

Progressive rock doesn’t have the most solid relationship with Christmas, Greg Lake‘s seasonal classic “I Believe In Father Christmas” serving as an exception to the rule – simply because the forward-facing musical genre fails to concentrate on something as transient as the winter holiday. However, Amanda Lehmann has convincingly buck this trend on her new single.

An Old Christmas Day

Originally, the British artiste whose latest album, "Innocence And Illusion" from last year, was nigh on sensational penned the short song titled “An Old Christmas Day” for a 2021 musical advent calendar only to later fully realize her tune’s potential and extend it in a glorious way. She also called friends to join in the fun: John Hackett, a member of the lady’s extended family, and Nick Magnus, one providing flutes and the other strings via ivories. The result – watch the video below – turned out to be suitably merry and solemn at the same time, going along with Amanda’s desire “to evoke a kind of happy nostalgia, capturing the atmosphere of a cozy old-fashioned Christmas day and embracing the magic-filled imagination of the child in all of us, with snowscapes and Christmas characters.”

November 14, 2022

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