American Pianist Covers Eno Classics

Being a performer whose work amalgamates symphonic music and postmodernism and focuses on oeuvre of such minimalists as Philip Glass, Bruce Brubaker‘s is not the name international rock audience might be familiar with – but that doesn’t mean he is not familiar with rock idiom, at least when it comes to another minimalist, Brian Eno. For a few years, the American artist has been transcribing the English legend’s pieces for piano, yet his new album will take this effort further.

Eno Piano

The record which will be released on November 10th is titled “Eno Piano” and comprised of well-known ambient compositions, including excerpts from “Music For Airports” and “Before And After Science” that originally saw Brian cowriting with Harold Budd and Dieter Moebius and, thus, also fall under the minimalism umbrella as applied to acoustic ivories as played by someone able to dissect and rejig any tune. Not for everyone, but connoisseurs must pay attention.

1. Music For Airports, 1/1
2. Music For Airports, 2/1
3. The Chill Air
4. By This River
5. Music For Airports, 2/2
6. Emerald And Stone

October 15, 2023

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