Andy Fairweather Low Returns To The Fray

From founding AMEN CORNER to providing backing vocals on “Who Are You” and accompanying the likes of Roger Waters and Eric Clapton on stage, with a staggering stream of notable session and concert appearances in between, Andy Fairweather Low‘s career encompasses a major part of British rock – and American, too, given the veteran’s stint with Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris – his tightly woven guitar parts a major feature of sonic fiber for everyone the Welsh artist worked with. However, the albums the axeman issued under his own name remain largely underappreciated by the masses, and only connoisseurs have been waiting for the follow-up to “Zone-O-Tone” – out in 2013 and credited to Fairweather Low and THE LOWRIDERS.

Of course, some may have started the wait in 2006 when “Sweet Soulful Music” – which was Andy’s first solo platter in 26 years, a precursor to a string of live records – saw the light of day, yet it doesn’t matter now that the release of “Flang Dang” is announced for February 24th. With a groove laid down by acclaimed session drummer Paul Beavis, there’s a lot of tasty blues to savor – you can never go wrong with Fairweather Low, after all.

Flang Dang

1. Waiting On The Up
2. 99 Ways
3. Ska 67
4. Somebody Wants My Soul
5. Dark Of The Midnight
6. Got Me A Party
7. Keep Your Faith
8. Too Many Friends
9. Looking Down
10. Stand Up
11. The End Of All The Roads

January 1, 2023

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