Andy Fraser Plays Sting And Reunites With Chris Spedding

As reported before, producer Gary Miller works on the album of songs by Sting that are performed by a string of stars. It turned out in our conversation that Gary’s favorite bass player is none other than the legendary Andy Fraser, so DME decided to hook the two up, which resulted in Andy getting on-board, as he says, and doing “Every Breath You Take”. More so, adds Fraser, his friend Glenn Hughes is also interested in the project.

Meanwhile, Fraser returns on the road with his protégé Tobi, the trek reuniting him with a fellow Brit and a former bandmate, Chris Spedding.

Comments Andy, “Getting back with him to tour with Tobi is a no problem deal, as my beef with THE SHARKS was mainly Snips [the singer], apart from remembering the day, when after a gig we were driving home in the dreaded “Shark-mobile”, and Chris, driving around a roundabout – we’re talking UK here – at 5 miles an hour, drives straight into a tree a puts a big ‘V’ in the front of the car. Symbolic of the band, as I broke my thumb in the accident, and said, ‘This is gonna take time, best you get another bass player’, which really was my out of a bad situation. He and Tobi are rehearsing as we speak, as Tobi can play everything on a recording, but not all live, so a second great guitarist is a must”.

June 18, 2013

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