Andy Summers Rounds Off His Instrumental Triplet

No matter how illogical it may be, many still think of Andy Summers as of the former guitarist with THE POLICE, although the veteran’s been delivering non-ensemble albums for 35 years now if only his solo records are taken into account, or even for almost four decades if the count will start from his first extracurricular offering, a joint venture with Robert Fripp. Most of what Summers offered under his own name features Andy’s vocals, yet his latest platters – 2015’s “Metal Dog” and “Triboluminescence” from 2017 – were fully instrumental works, and that’s the principle for the final chapter of this trilogy: “Harmonics Of The Night” that will be issued on October 15th.

The album’s background is quite interesting, its idea stemming from the musician’s other passion, photography. Andy had a retrospective exhibition in Montpellier in 2019, which he decided to accompany with a sound installation – a soundtrack to the 400 framed images. Thus, a side-long “A Certain Strangeness” emerged to be run in a loop and be the beginning of this record. It will be available on CD and vinyl, the latter version augmented with three bonus tracks – “Micrografia,” “Ecstasy Blooms” and “A Joint In West Kensington” – but missing the compact disc’s closing piece which links its end to the beginning.

Harmonics Of The Night

That’s what the album looks like – listen to its first single below.

1. A Certain Strangeness
2. City Of Crocodiles
3. Aeromancer
4. Chronosthesia
5. Harmonics Of The Night
6. Mirror In The Dirt
7. Prairie
8. Fantoccini
9. Aphelion
10. Spell
11. Inamorata
12. Strange Return

October 11, 2021

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