Anne-Marie Helder Finds A Solo Bliss

PANIC ROOM singer may have seemed an unlikely choice as an opening act for ULTRAVOX, but, since her KARNATAKA days and well into LUNA ROSSA, Anne-Marie Helder has been a charmer for any audience and in any setting – just check her cameo on "Scarlet" by Dave Kilminster. That’s why she and her acoustic guitar created a perfect contrast for the new wave heroes back in 2009, although Helder’s performance firmly stands on its own, as suggested by Anne Marie’s “Solo Live” set, recorded at Portsmouth’s “Guildhall” and available here.


Solo Live

Some of the pieces on this EP can be familiar to a PANIC ROOM fan, although it’s barebone delivery that makes them shine here:

1. Hadditfeel
2. Dominoes
3. Pace
4. StarbuckStar
5. The Grace In You

March 28, 2016

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