Another Batch Of Pete Ham’s Demos In The Pipeline

A whole decade has passed since Pete Ham‘s archives opened last time to let out a set of the late musician’s demonstration recordings from the series that started in 1997 with “7 Park Avenue” to continue with “Golders Green” in 1999 and seemingly end with the issue of “The Keyhole Street” in 2013 – although there was a streaming-only release titled “Misunderstood” earlier this year. Still, in a couple of days there will be another bunch of the BADFINGER man’s songs made available on digital platforms – as usual bearing an address on its cover yet the first not produced by Dan Matovina who passed away in the spring of 2023.

Unlike its predecessors, “Gwent Gardens” presents Pete’s pieces recorded between 1967 and 1971 – some of which ended up on his band’s platters – in their purest form, without posthumous overdubs, with everything played on guitar or piano, or guitar and piano, by Ham himself, except for “Happy Song” where THE IVEYS Ron Griffiths’ bass is heard. As most of these gems have never been heard in any form, the collection feels precious. Sadly, there’s no word of a hard-medium release yet.

Gwent Gardens

1. The Day Begins
2. Let The Sun Shine Through
3. Love Will Be
4. I’m Only Human
5. Happy Song
6. I Miss You
7. Pete’s Boogie (instrumental)
8. Little Mary
9. Take It All
10. Think It Over
11. Scarlett Willow
12. Blodwyn
13. Stick A Line In
14. Something On My Mind
15. I Can Be
16. Walk Out In The Rain
17. Stop Waiting For The Sun To Shine
18. Tulip

December 14, 2023

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