Ant-Bee Brings Back His “Honey”

Billy James, also known as Ant-Bee and famous for his work with Frank Zappa’s acolytes and the members of ALICE COOPER – which speaks volumes of the man’s musical adventurousness – plays hide-and-seek with the fans of modern, if deeply rooted, psychedelia. His records, released not as often as they would love, quickly become collector’s items, and once a new one is out, one of its predecessors gets out of print.

To rectify the matter, the artists recovers his 1990’s debut, “Pure Electric Honey”, from the trap of unavailability. Featuring Captain Beefheart’s sidekick Rick Snyder on bass and Zappa’s raver Bob Harris, it’s a total mindtrip full of brilliant melodies. Well, the title says it all.

ANT-BEE -  Pure Electric Honey

Pure Electric Honey

  1. Intro
  2. Eating Chocolate Cake (In The Bath)
  3. My Cat
  4. Black & White Cat, Black & White Cake
  5. Silly Fat Fingers
  6. The Wrong At Once (Has Gone)
  7. Say Ahhh!
  8. The Green GinEvolution #7 (Parts I-IV)
  9. Outro

April 23, 2013

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