Anthony Phillips gets anthologized

Classic GENESIS line-up is so impressively etched in the collective consciousness of many a music aficionado that some of them tend to forget ‘other’ members of the band, including guitarist Anthony Phillips whose sound was a major part of the group’s early sonic fabric. Not that he’s officially sidelined – Ant has been interviewed for the forthcoming BBC documentary on the ensemble – yet Phillips prefers to be going his own special way which will be tracked thanks to his recent signing to Esoteric that’s to result in a reissue programme.

ANTHONY PHILLIPS - Harvest Of The Heart - An Anthology

Harvest Of The Heart –
An Anthology

The first release to launch it all is “Harvest Of The Heart – An Anthology”: the 5CD deluxe box set will be out in October this year and may cause some confusion as it shares its artwork and the title with 1985’s compilation, but Esoteric is a part of Cherry Red Group who put it out, so there is certain logic in seeing the new set as an expansion of the old one. This time, there are ten previously unreleased cuts and rare 1980 B-side “Compression” written by Mike Rutherford which makes its CD debut.

Rutherford, alongside Phil Collins and John Hackett, played on Ant’s magnificent solo debut, “The Geese And The Ghost” from 1977 that will also be given a deluxe treatment in January 2015 and will include a new 5.1 Surround Sound mix by Simon Heyworth. There are no detail at the moment on whether it’s to feature additional material that graced the second disc of the album’s 2008’s reissue, nor a tracklisting of the box and the rest of the catalogue to reappear on the label: once the information is dispatched, we’ll report on this.

July 13, 2014

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