Anthony Phillips Readies The Final Box Set Of His “Parts” Series

Having started out in 1978 as a collection of tracks that didn’t fit album agenda and out-takes, Anthony Phillips“Private Parts & Pieces” series soon took a serious life of its own and numbers eleven volumes to the date, the latter released in 2012. These progressively standalone, concept suites, works of sheer beauty and exquisiteness, make a part of the artist’s reissue programme on Esoteric Recordings and have been divided into three box sets. The first saw the light of day back in 2015, the second (sadly, not made available for review) followed in 2016, and now it’s the turn of the final one, scheduled for April 27th.

Comprising last volumes of the series, this package also includes, as usual, an entire disc of previously unissued tracks, making it an essential addition to any Phillips and GENESIS fan – or any lover of classy, and classical, music, for that matter. Read the review here.

ANTHONY PHILLIPS - Private Parts & Pieces IX-XI

Private Parts & Pieces IX-XI

Disc One:
Private Parts & Pieces IX: Dragonfly Dreams

Part I:
1. Openers
2. In The Valleys
3. Something Blue
4. Quango
5. Lostwithiel
6. Under The Ice
7. Sarah Blakeley’s Evening
8. She’ll Be Waiting
9. Still Time
Part II:
10. Hills Of Languedoc
11. Luigi Palta’s Confession
12. The Tears Of Pablo Paraguas
13. Melancholy Flower
14. Night Song
15. Chinese Walls
16. Old Faithful
17. Summer Ponds & Dragonflies
18. Lost And Found

Disc Two:
Private Parts & Pieces X: Soiree

1. Sad Ballerina
2. Final Lights
3. Sultry Leaves
4. Fivers
5. Creation
6. Keepsake
7. Venetian Mystery
8. Scythia
9. Cantilena
10. The Oregon Trail
11. Passacaglia
12. Gazebo
13. Passepied
14. Fallen Flower
15. Noblesse Oblige
16. Hope Of Ages
17. Obezag
18. Rain Suite
19. After You Left
20. Summer’s Journey

Disc Three:
Private Parts & Pieces XI: City Of Dreams

1. City Of Dreams I
2. Piledriver
3. King Of The Mountains
4. Coral Island
5. Astral Bath
6. City Of Dreams II
7. Air & Grace
8. Tuscan Wedding
9. Mystery Train I
10. Sunset Pools
11. Sea & Sardinia
12. Watching While You Sleep
13. Night Owl
14. The Deep
15. City Of Dreams III
16. Mystery Train II
17. Star’s End
18. Doom Flower
19. Night Train To Novrogod
20. Sea Of Tranquility
21. 39 Steps
22. Lake Of Fire
23. Realms Of Gold
24. City Of Dreams IV
25. Days Of Yore
26. Across The Steps
27. Act Of Faith
28. Grand Master
29. Mystery Train III
30. Anthem For Doomed Youth
31. The Homecoming

Disc Four:
Private Parts & Extra Pieces III:

1. High Roller
2. Piano Drama Movement I
3. Sunset Drifter
4. Lostwithiel Link
5. Roads In Between
6. Shimmering Peaks
7. Castles And Courtships
8. Brand New Cadillac
9. Ocean Of Stars
10. Pablo Dries Out
11. Lost Monolith
12. A Simple Man
13. Night Song (alt. mix)
14. Firefly
15. Constellation Of Hope
16. Piano Drama Movement III
17. Heaven’s Gate
18. Lost And Found (alt. mix)

February 23, 2018

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