ANTONELLO GILIBERTO – The Mansion Of Lost Souls

Antonello Giliberto 2013

ANTONELLO GILIBERTO - The Mansion Of Lost Souls

The Mansion Of Lost Souls

Sicilian defense in action: six-string wizardry sculpting the grand scheme of things.

A guitar academy teacher with a metal streak, this Italian maestro knows the positive effect of disciplined playing, which sets him somewhat aside from most of the nimble-fingered ilk. Balancing the clangy armor that other shredders keep in favor with various textures, Giliberto’s sophomore album, his second in a year’s span, avoids shallow showcases to shape a highly melodic kind of instrumental motion. Thus, “Lotus Effect” might be heavy but it buzzes with a shard of Eastern vocals, while the title track and “The Ride” resolutely gravitate to the classic hard rock tropes as patented by Ritchie Blackmore, yet the real beauty emerges when amplification subsides.

For the most part, velocity is reigned in with harmonies wrapped around the main line and an occasional acoustic thread which weaves the most tremulous filigree in “Sorrow” and the brief “Entr’act” where effects are layered over the lightest of webs. It’s ripped it to pieces with arpeggios of “The Power Of The Whip” before the fusion is channeled into “Dream Of The Dead Tree” and “Ballade No. 3” reveals its classical undercurrent. There’s no eclecticism, though, but in order to really stand out some order is due for the guitarist, genre-wise; the more tempered Antonello Giliberto gets the wilder his inner tempest rages.


May 30, 2014

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