April 15, 2002


David Coverdale has aborted his demo sessions for a new album he’d been working on with Tony Franklin. That’s what David wrote on his message board:
“I am putting my album on hold, at this time… Sorry, and all… but, I am very uncomfortable about the state of the music business right now… and I am currently looking into the possibility of touring as soon as I can… I have every confidence in myself… and absolutely none with the current mentality of the recording industry… So… it is more likely you will see me performing BEFORE you hear any new recordings… As always… and one of the reasons I am sometimes reluctant to post on here any ‘plans’… circumstances can change rather quickly in my life… and I must always be prepared to ‘roll with the punches.”

All the more likely, then, that prior to new Coverdale’s songs we will hear something from the past. The masters for DEEP PURPLE classic “Burn” album as well as “Coronarias Redig” B-side had been found and EMI have asked Roger Glover if he will oversee the work. Though he didn’t play on those recordings, Glover took the proposition to thinking and discussing with Jon Lord and Ian Paice. That means, the remastered album may see the light of day in 2003, yet the masters for both“Stormbringer” and “Come Taste The Band” are still missing.

What’s on the way for sure is “Live In London” album originally out in 1982. Recorded in Kilburn during PURPLE’s 1974 UK tour, now the tapes will be remastered and restored to full length with the addition of 30-minute “Space Trucking”, that will make the package a double CD.

April 15, 2002

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