April 2, 2001


Let it be known now that the first album of the AMBEON project is titled “Fate Of A Dreamer” and scheduled for release in May. The mastermind behind the project is none other than Arjen Lucassen aka AYREON. The songs on the album are based on AYREON ones but bear the new lyrics and melodies written by 14-year Dutch singer Astrid van der Veen. Originally “Fate Of A Dreamer” was planned a pure instrumental album consisting of electronic patterns, chords and melodies derived from the recorded tracks but, once Lucassen met Astrid, the scheme was changed.

As usual, Arjen provides all the guitars, keyboards and samples with the line up rounded by the drummer Stephen van Haestregt and Walter Latupeirissa on bass and CELTUS’ John and Pat McManus adding flute, pipes and fiddle.

Beyond his own work, Lucassen is to supply a solo for a new Clive Nolan and Oliver Wakeman‘s project “Hound Of The Baskervilles” that is now postponed for release towards the end of the year due to other commitments.


The reason for “Hound Of The Baskervilles” delay is that both of the key members are busy. Clive Nolan has something to do with both new ARENA and PENDRAGON releases. Oliver Wakeman, now finishing his “3 Ages Of Magick” album, was approached to write a new age album based on the seven Chakras, energy centres within the body. Oliver has been working on this album for the last two months and the result should resemble new age ‘theme’ albums by Wakeman Sr.


“Nostradamus”, a rock opera based on the life and times of the great French prophet Nostradamus, is eventually to be released as a double CD – in Japan on April 5th, in Europe on May 21th and in the USA a bit later. The opera is composed by the BRAZEN ABBOT leader Nikolo Kotzev, and an array of musicians, who helped him out earlier, paid a visit this time around too. There will be seven singers, a rock band and a 35-piece symphonic orchestra.

The cast is:
Nostradamus – Joe Lynn Turner
Anne Gemelle – Alannah Myles
Queen, Catherine of France – Sass Jordan
King Henri II of France – Glenn Hughes
Soldier/Ghost – Goran Edman
The Inquisitor – Jorn Lande
Storyteller – Doogie White

The band consist of Kotzev and EUROPE alumni Mic Michaeli on organ, John Leven on bass and Ian Haughland on drums.

The tracklisting looks like this:


1. Overture (instrumental)
2. Pieces Of A Dream
3. Desecration
4. Introduction
5. Home Again (instrumental)
6. Henriette
7. Caught Up In A Rush
8. The Eagle
9. Plague
10. Inquisition

11. The King Will Die
12. I Don’t Believe
13. Try to live again


1. War Of Religions
2. The Inquisitor’s Rage
3. Chosen Man

4. World War II
5. World War III
6. Because Of You
7. The End Of The World
8. I’ll Remember You

The special site for the project is launched at www.nostramusic.com.

April 2, 2001

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