April 21, 2011


Rumors rolling of Paul McCartney working on a covers album (ain’t it there that Buddy Holly’s "It is So Easy" goes?), the Beatle’s next studio release is said to be called“McCartney III” to follow in the line of Paul previous self-titled records laid down in a completely solo mode, with no guest on board – these are to flock in to do the aforementioned covers. So with “Run Devil Run”, “Driving Rain” and “Chaos And Creation In The Backyard” out in May, and “McCartney” and “McCartney II” next, plus “Ram” and “Venus & Mars” scheduled for November – all with bonuses and DVDs – this year will bring on a Macca bonanza to empty many a fan’s bank account.


“The Immortal”: that was a nickname a recording engineer Roger Nichols received for his ability to work 24/7 for his clients. Such was the man’s commitment to his subjects – who included Stevie Wonder and Placido Domingo, Frank Zappa and Diana Ross, plus most famously, STEELY DAN – that brought him seven Grammies, one for the DAN classic “Aja” and one for John Denver’s “All Aboard!” which Nichols produced. Ever active, on April 9th, the aural veteran passed away to remain immortal in the music he helped create.


Sixteen years after his tragic demise, Rory Gallagher‘s profile shines ever brightly. His “Irish Tour ’74” has just received a great visual update and the new reissue programme is ready to get afoot, but June 6th will see the most unexpected treasure unearthed. “Notes From San Francisco” is a long-shelved studio album by the great late guitarist, recorded in November and December 1977 and January 1978 but scrapped because of the mixing problems; instead “Photo Finish” was delivered at the eleventh hour by the end of the year with half of the songs re-recorded and the other half thrown in the bin . Now, though, it’s time to dust it off to present a nice surprise to those who waited for their Rory fix since 2003’s "Wheels Within Wheels", a title track of which was first cut there, in SF. And it was there, at “The Old Waldorf” that a bonus disc was taped in December 1979. One fantastic gift!

CD 1 – Studio

1. Rue The Day
2. Persuasion
3. B Girl
4. Mississippi Sheiks
5. Wheels Within Wheels
6. Overnight Bag
7. Cruise On Out
8. Brute Force & Ignorance
9. Fuel To The Fire
bonus tracks:
10. Wheels Within Wheels (alt.)
11. Cut A Dash
12. Out On The Tiles

CD 2 – Live

1. Follow Me
2. Shinkicker
3. Off The Handle
4. Bought And Sold
5. I’m Leavin’
6. Tattoo’d Lady
7. Do You Read Me
8. Country Mile
9. Calling Card
10. Shadow Play
11. Bullfrog Blues


Looks like Jim McCarty is working on a RENAISSANCE box set to be filed with demos, unreleased material and rarities – hard to say whether it’ll span the post-McCarty, most famous incarnation of the band. What also can make the collection is an 18-minute video from 1969’s BBC session that keyboardist John Hawken’s found in his archive. No other details at the moment, though.


2011 sees a lot of FAIRPORT CONVENTION-related acitivity. Sandy Denny’s solo albums get a second overhaul to receive a 2CD-treatment and include some gems from the 19-disc box set that many couldn’t afford to buy. Much cheaper, yet no less interesting is another box, a 3CD+DVD set “Live At The BBC” from Richard Thompson, out on June 20th. It’ll include both solo material, and songs cut with Linda Thompson, for various Beeb shows from 1973 to 2009 – with 18 tracks making their CD debut. Sadly, the visual part doesn’t represent any concert in its entirety. But a great package anyway, the one not to miss.

CD 1:

1. The Little Beggar Girl (John Peel, 1.1.1973)
2. Dragging The River (John Peel, 1.1.1973)
3. The Great Valerio (John Peel, 1.1.1973)
4. The Neasden Hornpipe /
The Avebury Particle Accelerator /
The Flowing Tide (John Peel, 1.1.1973)
5. I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight (BBC 24.1.1974)
6. Hokey Pokey (John Peel, 11.2.1975)
7. Georgie On A Spree (John Peel, 11.2.1975)
8. I’ll Regret It All In The Morning (John Peel, 11.2.1975)
9. Wishing
10. I’m Turning Off A Memory
11. A Man In Need (The Paris Theatre, 22.5.1982)
12. Withered And Died (The Paris Theatre, 22.5.1982)
13. New Fangled Flogging Reel / Kerry Reel (The Paris Theatre, 22.5.1982)
14. Shoot Out The Lights (The Paris Theatre, 22.5.1982)
15. Just The Motion (The Paris Theatre, 22.5.1982)
16. Back Street Slide (The Paris Theatre, 22.5.1982)
17. Night Comes In (The Paris Theatre, 22.5.1982)
18. Dimming Of The Day (Folk On Two, 1982)
19. Modern Woman (Folk On Two, 1982)
20. It’s Just The Motion (Folk On Two, 1982)

CD 2:

1. She Twists The Knife Again (Andy Kershaw, 1.7.1985)
2. You Don’t Say (Andy Kershaw, 1.7.1985)
3. When The Spell Is Broken (Andy Kershaw, 1.7.1985)
4. The Angels Took My Racehorse Away (Hammersmith Palais, 20.11.1986)
5. Valerie (Hammersmith Palais, 20.11.1986)
6. Jennie (Hammersmith Palais, 20.11.1986)
7. You Don’t Say (Hammersmith Palais, 20.11.1986)
8. Fire In The Engine Room (Hammersmith Palais, 20.11.1986)
9. Wall Of Death (Hammersmith Palais, 20.11.1986)
10. Nearly In Love (Hammersmith Palais, 20.11.1986)
11. Valerie Recorded (Andy Kershaw, 7.1.1987)
12. When The Spell Is Broken (Andy Kershaw, 1.7.1985)
13. Two Left Feet (Andy Kershaw, 1.7.1985)
14. Turning Of The Tide (Andy Kershaw, 1.7.1985)
15. Simple Again (Andy Kershaw, 1.7.1985)
16. Ghosts In The Wind (Andy Kershaw, 1.7.1985)
17. Shoot Out The Lights (Andy Kershaw, 1.7.1985)
18. She Twists The Knife Again (Andy Kershaw, 1.7.1985)
19. Withered And Died (Andy Kershaw, 1.7.1985)
20. The End Of The Rainbow (Andy Kershaw, 1.7.1985)

CD 3:

1. Gethsemane (Andy Kershaw, 28.9.2001)
2. The Outside Of The Inside (Andy Kershaw, 28.9.2001)
3. Wall Of Death (Andy Kershaw, 28.9.2001)
4. Word Unspoken Sight Unseen (Andy Kershaw, 25.4.2003)
5. Kidzz (Andy Kershaw, 25.4.2003)
6. Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed (Andy Kershaw, 25.4.2003)
7. The End Of The Rainbow (Andy Kershaw, 25.4.2003)
8. One Door Opens (Evening Sequence, 18.5.2004)
9. The Outside Of The Inside (Evening Sequence, 18.5.2004)
10. Let It Blow (Tom Robinson On 6 Music, 27.7.2005)
11. Old Thames Side (Tom Robinson On 6 Music, 27.7.2005)
12. Dad’s Gonna Kill Me (Tom Robinson On 6 Music, 27.7.2007)
13. Down Where The Drunkards Roll (Tom Robinson On 6 Music, 27.7.2007)
14. I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight (Tom Robinson On 6 Music, 27.7.2007)
15. Needle And Thread (Tom Robinson On 6 Music, 27.7.2007)
16. So Ben Mi Ca Bon Tempo (Bob Harris, 27.12.2008)
17. A Hunting The Wren (Bob Harris, 27.12.2008)
18. See My Friends (Bob Harris, 27.12.2008)
19. Time’s Gonna Break You (Hub Sessions, 9.1.2009)
20. William Brown (Hub Sessions, 9.1.2009)
21. Meet On The Ledge (Hub Sessions, 9.1.2009)


1. Jet Plane In A Rocking Chair (The Old Grey Whistle Test, 7.3.1975)
2. A Heart Needs A Home (The Old Grey Whistle Test, 7.3.1975)
3. Night Comes In (A Little Night Music, 19.8.1981)
4. I’m a Dreamer (A Little Night Music, 19.8.1981)
5. I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight (A Little Night Music, 19.8.1981)
6. Shoot Out The Lights (A Little Night Music, 19.8.1981)
7. You’re Going To Need Somebody (A Little Night Music, 19.8.1981)
8. Dargai (A Little Night Music, 19.8.1981)
9. Dimming Of The Day (A Little Night Music, 19.8.1981)
10. Pavanne (Jake Thackery and Songs, 6.1.1981)
11. Just The Motion (Jake Thackery and Songs, 6.1.1981)
12. Fire In The Engine Room (Late Night In Concert, 13.8.1985)
13. She Twists The Knife Again (Late Night In Concert, 13.8.1985)
14. Wall Of Death (Late Night In Concert, 13.8.1985)
15. When The Spell Is Broken (Late Night In Concert, 13.8.1985)
16. Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed (Late Night In Concert, 13.8.1985)
17. Wrong Heartbeat (Late Night In Concert, 13.8.1985)
18. Tear Stained Letter (Late Night In Concert, 13.8.1985)
19. She Twists The Knife Again (The Old Grey Whistle Test, 7.5.1985)



Seven years on since his first go at the legendary material and 45 years since THE BEACH BOYS had thrown themselves in the “Smile” extravaganza, Brian Wilson gave a nod to the release of “The Smile Sessions” box set towards the end of 2011. Now, most of the bootlegs – and there’s a plenty of those – documenting the doomed recording that melted Wilson’s mind will have become obsolete and “The Pet Sounds Sessions” box will have a companion.


Famous for his “Star Trek” endeavors, it’s a little wonder that William Shatner has chosen a space theme for his forthcoming album “Searching For Major Tom”, yet the selection and the guest list on it is jaw-dropping. Metal covers? Yes! Adding music to his legendary recital of “Rocket Man”? Sure ’nuff! Luring Ritchie Blackmore out of his Renaissance dream? Why not. Nothing’s impossible for Captain Kirk. And here’s the roll-call for the flight to marvel at:

1. Space Trucking (DEEP PURPLE) feat. Ian Paice and Johnny Winter
2. She Blinded Me With Science (Thomas Dolby) feat. Bootsy Collins and Patrick Moraz
3. In A Little While (U2) feat. Manuel Gottsching
4. Empty Glass (THE TEA PARTY) feat. Michael Schenker
5. Lost In The Stars (Frank Sinatra) feat. Ernie Watts
6. Twilight Zone (GOLDEN EARRING) feat. Warren Haynes
7. Space Cowboy (STEVE MILLER BAND) feat. Brad Paisley
8. Rocket Man (Elton John) feat. Steve Hillage
9. Space Oddity (David Bowie) feat. Ritchie Blackmore and Alan Parsons
10. Spirit in the Sky (Norman Greenbaum) feat. Peter Frampton
11. Bohemian Rhapsody (QUEEN) feat. John Wetton
12. Silver Machine (HAWKWIND) feat. Wayne Kramer and Carmine Appice
13. Major Tom (Peter Schilling) feat. Nick Valensi, Zakk Wylde and Mike Inez
14. Learning To Fly (PINK FLOYD) feat. Edgar Froese
15. Mr. Spaceman (THE BYRDS) feat. Dave Davies
16. Iron Man (BLACK SABBATH) feat. Zakk Wylde
17. Planet Earth (DURAN DURAN) feat. Steve Howe
18. Walking on the Moon (THE POLICE) feat. Toots Hibbert
19. Mrs. Major Tom – female singer to be announced


It might be a classic case of metal fatigue but it’s not so often that a founder member leaves a band after 43 years in charge. Yet that’s how it is for K. K. Downingwho’s just parted ways with JUDAS PRIEST. No animosity involved, and the rest of the group wish their retiring guitarist all the best – and get ready to hit the road with a young slinger named Richie Faulkner. Decent behavior.


He was a real backbone – and backbeat – of TRAFFIC, but there was much more to Jim Capaldi. A drummer and a singer, he was a fantastic songwriter, and folks such as George Harrison felt honored to take part in his solo recording. And now, six years after Jim’s untimely passing, comes a time to celebrate his legacy. June 27th will see a release of “Dear Mr Fantasy: The Jim Capaldi Story”, a 4CD box set comprising 67 tracks, many previously unreleased, from different eras of Capaldi’s illustrious career, from THE HELLION he formed in 1963 with future TRAFFIC guitarist Dave Mason to that band’s rehearsal before the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction in 2004. It’s all there and must be grabbed as soon as the box is out.

CD 1:

1. Daydreaming Of You – THE HELIONS
2. Hallelujah – REVOLUTION
3. Pretty Colours – DEEP FEELING
4. Dealer – TRAFFIC
5. Dear Mr. Fantasy – TRAFFIC
6. Light Up Or Leave Me Alone – TRAFFIC
7. Rock And Roll Stew – TRAFFIC
8. 40,000 Headmen
9. Pearly Queen (live) – Eric Clapton & Friends
10. Tricky Dicky Rides Again
11. Oh How We Danced
12. Eve
13. Don’t Be A Hero
14. Open Your Heart
15. How Much Can A Man Really Take
16. Low Rider
17. Whale Meat Again

CD 2:

1. It’s All Up to You
2. Love Hurts
3. Short Cut Draw Blood
4. Boy With A Problem
5. Seagull
6. You And Me (with Paul Kossoff)
7. Game Of Love
8. Elixir Of Life
9. Shoe Shine (disco mix)
10. Hotel Blues
11. Tabitha
12. Electric Nights
13. Wild Geese
14. Every Man Must March To The Sound Of His Own Drum
15. Man With No Country
16. Going Home

CD 3:

1. Let The Thunder Cry
2. Favella Music
3. Child In The Storm
4. Warm
5. Old Photographs
6. We Don’ Need
7. Tonight You’re Mine
8. Living On The Edge
9. That’s Love
10. Gifts Of Unknown Things
11. Lost Inside Your Love / Tales Of Power
12. Warriors Of Love
13. Something So Strong
14. Oh Lord, Why Lord
15. Love Used To Be A Friend Of Mine
16. Some Come Running
17. Living On The Outside

CD 4:

1. Standing In My Light
2. Anna Julia
3. Love You ‘Til The Day I Die
4. State Of Grace
5. Tallulah
6. Humanity (Just Another Checkpoint)
7. Bright Fighter
8. Strange Bird
9. How Do I Get to Heaven
10. Love’s Got a Hold (with George Harrison)
11. Song For George
12. The Time Of Cholera
13. Invaders Of The Heart /
Getting Strong /
Love Will Keep Us Alive
14. Dear Mr. Fantasy (live 2004) – TRAFFIC



It’s all said and done, with no strings, save for the guitar and bass ones, attached. A year after their debut, BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION, in the same line-up of Glenn HughesJoe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham and Derek Sherinian, deliver their second album called simply “2” on June 13th and go on tour where a DVD will is to be filmed. A dizen scorching tracks in the classic vein: what else to be desired?

1. The Outsider
2. Man In The Middle
3. I Can See Your Spirit
4. The Battle For Hadrian’s Wall
5. Save Me
6. Cold
7. Smokestack Woman
8. Faithless
9. An Ordinary Son
10. Little Secret
11. Crossfire
12. Crawl

April 21, 2011

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