April 25, 2002


It might come hard to believe but that’s official: original ASIA team of  John Wetton and Geoff Downes will come on-stage together for the first time since 1990’s “Now And Then” tour. With all the acrimony after the 1999’s failed reunion, Geoff, who still is at ASIA’s helm, will guest at the John Wetton Fan Convention taking place on July 20th-21st in Fogelsville, PA, and perform at the show benefiting Sierra Leone. The two are to be accompanied by John Mitchell on guitars and drummer Steve Christey, with another Wetton sidekick, John Young, will open the Saturday gig.


STONE THE CROWS were mighty unit driven by Maggie Bell’s raspy vocals and the great late Les Harvey’s sophisticated guitar blues with Peter Grant handling the business end of things. Even so, the end of the band came when in 1972 Leslie was electrocuted on-stage and died. They tried to get further yet after that year’s “‘Ontinuous Performance”, finished off by Jimmy McCulloch, the ensemble called it quits. Before, the only chance to hear the combo perform live was on the “BBC Sessions” series. Now there’s an artefact from Maggies’s own archives and featuring classic line-up – out on Angel Air, the album is called “Live In Montreux 1972” and contains about an hour filled with the following tracks:
Friend, Penicillin Blues, Love 74, Danger Zone, Ballad Of Hollis Brown

April 24, 2002


There are miracles in the machine world: former SOFT MACHINE members, who have never worked all together before, are recording new album this summer forMoonJune Records. The band is called SOFTWARE and the “programmers” are: Allan Holdsworth on guitar, Elton Dean on sax and keyboards, Hugh Hopper on bass and John Marshall playing drums. The record will hit the Japanese shelves in September to be followed by Asian tour and only then, a worldwide release that will propel the foursome into 2003 when they’re set to trek Europe and America with music both new and old.


Jim Peterik is known as Mr AOR, having written a ton of songs for an amazing range of artists – from his own SURVIVOR to John Wetton/b>. Now, Jim is the latest signing for Frontiers Records for a release of an album called “Rock America – Smash Hits Live!”. The album’s comprised of Peterik-penned classics delivered by star musicians at the concert for post-September 11th America. The songs and featured singers are:
Eye Of The Tiger – Jim Peterik and Jeff Boyle
Hold On Loosely – Don Barnes (38 SPECIAL) and Jim Peterik
Sister Christian – Kelly Keagy (NIGHT RANGER)
I Can’t Hold Back – Kevin Chalfant (TWO FIRES)
The Search Is Over – Brian Anders and Kelly Moulik
Vehicle – Buddy Guy and Jim Peterik
I’ve Got A Lot To Learn About Love – Kevin Chalfant
Between Two Fires – Kevin Cronin (REO SPEEDWAGON) and Jim Peterik
Heavy Metal – Kelly Keagy
Rockin’ Into The Night – Don Barnes and Jim Peterik

And there are exclusive bonus studio cuts previously available on the US release “The Day America Cried”:
The Day America Cried – Jim Peterik and Johnny Van Zant (LYNYRD SKYNYRD)
Can’t Say it Loud Enough – Jim Peterik and Johnny Van Zant
The Sum of Our Hearts – Jim Peterik and Kevin Chalfant
Changed by Love – Jim Peterik and Don Barnes
Long Road Home – Jim Peterik and Kelly Keagy

The release date is June 17th.

April 25, 2002

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