April 29, 2004


Well, it wasn’t destined to become a permanent fixture anyway, but nobody expected that M3 CLASSIC WHITESNAKE‘s split with Tony Martin would be as acrimonious as it turned out to be. The singer, now recharging his batteries to come back with a vengeance, explained the reasons of him having parted ways with Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody and Neil Murray in a statement on his site. The band will continue once they’ve found another vocalist, yet the major hope is Tony will churn out something as great as his only solo album to date, 1992’s “Back Where I Belong”.


Fans of David Bowie seem to have no reason to be complaining to as to how their Duke treat them: the Dame Bowie re-issues his classic catalogue in style, and each album re-appears right in time for its 30th anniversary. He might pass on “Pin Ups”, yet after “Ziggy Stardust” and “Aladdin Sane”comes another 2CD set with another face of the artist: “Diamond Dogs”. Out on June 7th, it will be available in this exclusive packaging until December 31st; the main attraction, though, is the content of the second disk, as the first is the remastered version of the original recording. Disk Two has something more unique…

1. 1984 / Dodo (the last SPIDERS recording, planned for the “1984” musical)
2. Rebel Rebel (US Single Version))
3. Dodo (“Diamond Dogs” session, planned for musical)
4. Growin’ Up (Springsteen cover with Ronnie Wood on guitar)
5. Alternative Candidate (a demo for musical)
6. Diamond Dogs (K-Tel “Best Of” edit)
7. Candidate (“Intimacy” film mix))
8. Rebel Rebel (recorded for the “Charlie’s Angels” soundtrack)


River Records is a label promoting Scottish artists, and who’s more Scottish of those than NAZARETH“The River Sessions”, that’s out now, is surely for collectors, but people who know how great NAZ are now will want to see how they rocked on the “Fool Circle tour” in 1981. That’s no “Snaz”, but it’s what makes this release more interesting. Meanwhile, River Records are also working on more from the band, including a possible DVD version of the “Live in Texas” video.

Glasgow Apollo

1. Big Boy
2. Hair Of The Dog
3. Expect No Mercy
4. Shapes Of Things
5. Love Hurts
6. Tush


7. Telegram
8. Razamanaz
9. I Want To Do Everything
10. Holiday
11. Heart’s Grown Cold
12. Cocaine
13. Let Me Be Your Leader
14. Dressed To Kill
15. Pop The Silo

April 29, 2004

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