April 5, 2001


Rock chameleon David Bowie, after all his banking and Internet affairs, delves now into radio business. Thin White Duke launches a radio station of his own called Community BowieRadio. The station is hosted by Bowie’s official site Davidbowie.com and had its first airing on Thursday, April 5th. BowieRadio will include a comprehensive collection of recordings by Dave himself, as well as access to stations that will air non-Bowie material.

BowieRadio will offer a series of pre-selected tracks, which can be listened in form of streaming audio, and is to give fans the chance to hear all their favourite tracks, but without violation of copyright laws. Bowie has a big hand in the production of the project and aims to have additional stations running on the site within the next few months, including one that will feature him playing the role of DJ.

April 5, 2001

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