April 8, 2004


With FAIRPORT CONVENTION re-issue program proving a storming success, a time came for the folk legends’ spin-off projects be exposed anew and given another peek into. Which means, there would be a warmest welcome for Richard and Linda Thompson records even without the great guitarist’s high solo profile. Each of the couple’s albums has some mouthwatering bonus cuts on it, and here are those extras for the first batch of the Thompsons’ catalogue:

“I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight” (1974)
– I Want To See The Bright Lights (live)
– Together Again (live)
– Calvary Cross (live)

“Hokey Pokey” (1975)
– Wishing (BBC)
– I’m Turning Off A Memory (BBC)
– Heart Needs A Home (BBC)
– Hokey Pokey (live)
– It’ll Be Me (live)

“Pour Down Like Silver” (1975)
– Streets Of Paradise (live)
– Night Comes In (live)
– Dark End Of The Street (live)
– Beat The Retreat (live)

“First Light”“Sunnyvista” and “Shoot Out The Light” will surely follow soon – but what about Sandy Denny’s classics? Let’s hope FOTHERINGAY sole album was a beginning, because there’s too much material left outside the “Who Knows Where The Time Goes’ box set…


Never a slow hand, guitarist Rolf Munkes always has some project going about him, and here’s a new one. With EMPIRE put on hold, along come RAZORBACK consisting of Munkes, former COMPANY OF SNAKES’ vocalist Stefan Berggren, bassist Marcus Bielenberg, another guitarist Chris Heun, Pierre Fienhold on drums and a special guest Joakim Svalberg on keyboards. Their album, “Animal Anger”, is out in two weeks, with samples available for download at razorback-online.com. Let’s get cut, then.

1. The Hymn
2. One By One
3. A New King In Town
4. Kiss Of Death
5. Fire And Rain
6. Release Me
7. Lone Wolf
8. The Eye Of The Storm
9. Bastard
10. Dead Man’s Song


Late ’70s weren’t the best time for WHISHBONE ASH, as punk’s idiom of hit-and-run didn’t gel so smooth with the twin-guitar engine of the band. Not that the foursome cared – they still produced quality stuff, and though it wasn’t in the class of “Throw Down The Sword”, throwaway music it wasn’t either. To prove the point, the band have just released a compilation of tracks recorded in 1978-1979, when the quartet worked on “No Smoke Without Fire” and “Just Testing” albums. A collection of demos, that indeed had been thrown out to let kinds of “Living Proof” in, features Claire Hamill on vocals – yes, these bravehearts had a female singer in their ranks – was previewed at the 2002 AshCon and then re-mixed and remastered by the original bassist Martin Turner. Now called “The Lost Pearls”, it comprises:

1. Is Justice Done?
2. Hear The Bells Chime
3. Hard On You
4. Out On A Limb
5. Where You Been
6. Halfway House
7. Football And Boxing
8. John Sherry Jam
9. Too Much Monkey Business (live)
10. Nighthawker (original version)

Meanwhile, the “Phoenix Rising” DVD is taking shape. Previously reported details are still valid, but here’s what’s supposed to be a complete tracklisting, although the video collection should really have something more to be a double-disc set:
1. Vas Dis (Old Grey Whistle Test, 1972)
2. The King Will Come (London, 2003)
3. Blowin’ Free (Australian TV, 1972)
4. Phoenix (London, 2003)
5. Warrior (Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, 1973)
6. Cosmic Jazz (Bristol, 1989)
7. Living Proof (London, 2003)
8. Jail Bait (Old Grey Whistle Test, 1972)
9. Wings of Desire (London, 2003)
10. Why Don’t We (Bristol, 1989)
11. Ballad of the Beacon (London, 2003)
12. Real Guitars Have Wing (Bristol, 1989)
13. Blowin Free/Bad Weather Blues (London, 2004)
14. Where Where You Tomorow (Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, 1973)


In the last couple of years SCORPIONS seemed to have taken a well-deserved break – to be back now. The fans who were all happy to get a hold of the band’s orchestral and then acoustic endeavours wanted something new nevertheless, and now can check if the four-year term was worth the wait. On May 3rd the Deutsch ensemble issue “”, another entry in their long and tasty discography. Letdown it can’t be.

1. New Generation
2. Love ’em Or Leave ’em
3. Deep And Dark
4. Borderline
5. Blood Too Hot
6. Maybe I Maybe You
7. Someday Is Now
8. My City My Town
9. Through My Eyes
10. Can You Feel It
11. This Time
12. She Said
13. Remember The Good Times


The band gets cracked to let out a solo performer, and that’s the way it usually goes. Not for ogre-like vocal giant Chris Farlowe who, having scored massively with Andrew Loog Oldham’s Immediate label in the ’60s, felt enough jazz buzz in him to join COLOSSEUM, then crank the crank up with ATOMIC ROOSTER and later let it loose on his own again. A feat, really – no mean one, especially now, when Chris has a solo album out, “Farlowe That!”, and a COLOSSEUM’s “Tomorrow’s Blues” to tour. Quite a time, then, to remind those awestruck by this voice of the singer’s glorious past. “Rock ‘N’ Roll Soldier” is a triple-CD anthology embracing the period from ’70s to the present moment, with no early hits – which are available on the Immediate compilation – and no band collaborations, but a whole array of rarities to make the completists drool over. So far it’s complete. So far…

CD 1:

1. Where Do We Go From Here
2. Black Sheep Of The Family
3. Mama Rosa
4. After Midnight (live)
5. Mandy (live)
6. Only Women Bleed (live)
7. The Thrill Has Gone
8. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
9. One Night Stand
10. Born Again
11. Never Too Old to Rock
12. Rock n Roll Soldier
13. On the Beach
14. Some Mothers Son

CD 2:

1. Chris’s Shuffle (live)
2. Stormy Monday (live)
3. Giving It Up For Your Love (live)
4. Bewitched
5. As Time Goes By
6. These Foolish Things
7. Language Of The Heart
8. Handbags And Gladrags
9. All Or Nothing
10. Miss You Fever
11. Tough On Me, Tough On You
12. Glory Bound
13. Trouble
14. Let’s Get Together
15. Ain’t No Big Deal

CD 3:

1. Don’t Wanna Sing the Blues No More (live 2000)
2. Lonesome Road (live 2000)
3. My Foundation (live 2000)
4. Out Of Time
5. I’ll Leave The Light On (full version)
6. Man Of The World (“Born Again” out-take)
7. One Night Stand (previously unreleased)
8. Looking For Love In A Stranger (previously unreleased)
9. Stand By Me (previously unreleased)
10. Tired Of Being Alone (previously unreleased)
11. Tin Soldier (“The Voice” out-take)
12. Crazy Mama (“The Voice” out-take)
13. Remind Me (“As Time Goes By” out-take)
14. Feel The Power Of Love (duet with Lorna B. recorded for the Eurovision Song Contest – 2000)
15. Circles Round the Sun (BBC, 1970)
16. Medicated Goo (BBC, 1970)
17. We Can Work It Out (single)


Dinosaurs they may be, yet all things Jurassic are capable to pull in the multitude and that’s not funny, though gross. YES continue celebrating their 35th anniversary with a mighty stomp. Or not so mighty as, following in the trail of last year’s “YesSpeak” DVD, on June 21st the band release another one, simply titled “Acoustic”. The performance was recorded live in front of a Los Angeles studio audience on January 26th and premiered through the satellite broadcast across a line of American cinema theatres for those who had just watched a 75-minute version of three-hours-plus “YesSpeak”. Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman did unplugged tours before; Alan White, 
Chris Squire and Jon Anderson didn’t, but the five sound real fantastic. There’ll be more to the DVD, and tracks to be included are:

– Long Distance Runaround
– South Side Of The Sky
– Show Me
– Roundabout
– Your Move / All Good People
– Time Is Time


Oh yes, the wait is over! After almost two years of getting the gears ready, THE FACES‘ box set “Five Guys Walk Into A Bar” is finally assigned a release date: May 24th. Containing mostly rare performances, it’s a must for all fans – and even for those who don’t like their Rod Stewart too sweet. It’s even the more timely with Ronnie Lane Memorial Concert approaching, but what with the rumors of the five guys reunion… Facing the past can be too hard, but reading Ian MacLagan’s liner notes will make it easy.

CD 1:

1. Flying
2. On The Beach
3. Too Bad
4. If I’m On The Late Side
5. Debris
6. Jealous Guy (“Long Player” out-take)
7. Evil (first rehearsals ’69)
8. As Long As You Tell Him (B-side)
9. Maggie May (BBC)
10. Cindy Incidentally (alternate mix)
11. Maybe I’m Amazed (BBC)
12. Insurance (“Ooh La La” out-take)
13. I Came Looking For You (Lane & McLagan rehearsal)
14. Last Orders Please
15. Wyndlesham Bay (Jodie) (“Ooh La La” out-take)
16. I Can Feel The Fire (live ’75)
17. Tonight’s Number
(from “Mahoney’s Last Stand” OST)
18. Come See Me Baby (The Cheater)
(“Ooh La La” out-take)

CD 2:

1. Pool Hall Richard
2. You’re My Girl
(I Don’t Want To Discuss It) (BBC)
3. Glad And Sorry
4. Shake, Shudder, Shiver (first rehearsals ’69)
5. Miss Judy’s Farm (BBC)
6. Richmond
7. That’s All You Need
8. Rear Wheel Skid (B-side)
9. Maybe I’m Amazed
10. (If Loving You Is Wrong)
I Don’t Want To Be Right
(“Ooh La La” out-take)
11. Take A Look At The Guy (live ’75)
12. Flags And Banners
13. Bad ‘N’ Ruin (BBC)
14. Around The Plynth
15. Sweet Lady Mary
16. Had Me A Real Good Time
17. Cut Across Shorty (BBC)

CD 3:

1. You’re So Rude
2. (I Know) I’m Losing You (BBC)
3. Love Lives Here
4. I’d Rather Go Blind (live ’75)
5. Hi-Heel Sneakers/
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
(last sessions)
6. Gettin’ Hungry (last sessions)
7. Silicone Grown
8. Oh Lord I’m Browned Off (B-side)
9. Just Another Honky
10. Open To Ideas (last sessions)
11. Skewiff (Mend The Fuse) (B-side)
12. Too Bad (live)
13. Rock Me (last sessions)
14. Angel (BBC)
15. Stay With Me (BBC)
16. Ooh La La

CD 4:

1. The Stealer (BBC)
2. Around The Plynth /
Gasoline Alley (BBC)
3. You Can Make Me Dance,
Sing Or Anything (single version)
4. I Wish It Would Rain (live)
5. Miss Judy’s Farm (BBC)
6. Love In Vain (BBC)
7. My Fault (BBC)
8. I Feel So Good (first rehearsals ’69)
9. Miss Judy’s Farm
10. Three Button Hand Me Down
11. Cindy Incidentally
12. Borstal Boys
13. Flying (BBC)
14. Bad ‘N’ Ruin
15. Dishevelment Blues (flexi-disc)
16. Stay With Me

April 8, 2004

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