Arthur Brown Calls Friends To “Monster’s Ball”

It’s barely been a couple of months since Arthur Brown released the brilliant “Long Long Road” album but October 21st, ten days before Halloween that this artist came to associate with long ago, will see the issue, on CD and colored vinyl, of “Monster’s Ball”: that platter’s less natural successor. “Less natural” – because, unlike that record, there was no single mingling of players involved in the God of Hellfire’s corralling covers and originals with the help of heavy guests, including such stellar players as Ian Paice.

Of course, there is a fresh version of Arthur’s perennial “Fire” yet Brown’s takes on pieces by Tom Waits and on a smattering of singles by his early rhythm-and-blues heroes are rather unexpected – as is the appearances of the great late NEKTAR guitarist Roye Albrighton and GONG’s Gilli Smyth, also dearly departed. As for the new tracks, these were co-penned with fellow cosmic flyer, Alan Davey, so a lot of space-rock seemed to be guaranteed, especially in the presence of Steve Hillage and Nik Turner. (Read the review.)

Monster’s Ball

1. Lucifer Sam (PINK FLOYD)
      feat. Ian Paice and Steve Hillage
2. Screamin’ Ball (At Dracula’s Hall) (THE DUPONTS)
      feat. Alan Davey
3. I Feel Free (CREAM)
      feat. James Williamson and Rat Scabies
4. Bucket O’ Blood (Big Boy Groves)
      feat. Nik Turner
5. Zombie Yelp –
      feat. Roye Albrighton and Mark Stein
6. Whistlin’ Past The Graveyard (Tom Waits)
      feat. THE SINCLAIRS
7. Fire –
      feat. James Williamson, Brian Auger and Carmine Appice
8. The Monster Hop (Bert Convy)
      feat. Shuggie Otis
9. Curse Of The Hearse (Terry Teene)
10. Mad Witch (Dave Gardner)
11. The Vampire (Archie King)feat. THE COFFIN DAGGERS
12. Late Last Night –
      feat. Steve Hillage, Roye Albrighton, Gilli Smyth and Joel Vandroogenbroeck

August 24, 2022

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