Arthur Brown going down in flames

Arthur Brown

Arthur Brown

One of the most original performers in the world, Arthur Brown, also known as The God Of Hellfire after his 1968 smash, “Fire,” subsequently covered by artists as diverse as, among others, THE VENTURES and Ozzy Osbourne, as well as sampled by THE PRODIGY. It was then that Brown’s influence started spreading all over the world on both heavy musical, including prog and metal, and image-wise level, Arthur’s warpaint “sampled” and “covered” by the likes of Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel and KISS. But apart from that single, there have been interesting albums – with his bands CRAZY WORLD and KINGDOM COME such as "Kingdom Come", solo ones like "Chisholm In My Bosom", and collaborations with kindred spirits, organist Vincent Crane, on "Faster Than The Speed Of Light", or electronics master Richard Wahnfried "Time Actor". And now the 71-year-old veteran is ready for a final fanfare.

Being a revolutionary – amidst the things he introduced to rock was replacing a drummer with a drum machine – this Arthur promises something new, too, save for special guests. More so, this time is, as Brown states, the last time he’s to release a record. Called “Zim Zam Zim,” it is helped, on the artist’s request, with a pledge campaign, because, as it was a norm back in the day, he was robbed of due royalties by the industry weasels. The goal’s exceeded by now, but there’s still the time… and the legendary fire helmet, one of the perks has not yet been claimed. Time to move!

October 26, 2013

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