Ash Khajvandi 2019



Bay Area bluesman serves up a scorching slice of sweetest pain.

Garnering accolades for his debut EP “Pale Mood” and live appearances, Ash Khajvandi should deserve much wider acclaim than local fame the Californian has at the moment, and this single is surely pointing in the right direction. Here, with lava-hot guitar licks at the fore, twang and squeal are finally given a proper percussive push to propel the screamarama to raw rapture in which despair and anguish conspire to produce a smile and burrow to the bottom of pleasure, while vocals shiver to add vibe to the track.

It’s all about the groove, rather than melody, but once Ash pours his emotions into a short solo, the results are quite mesmeric, almost trance-inducing. So although intensity doesn’t come easy, Khajvandi’s mix of tension and release promises to create just a right amount of shade and light when there’s an album. And the album time has come now.


February 6, 2019

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