August 13, 2002


Another sad news: Paul Samson, the heavy guitar legend, has lost his battle with cancer on August 9th at his Norfolk home. Aged only 48, at the time of his death Paul was working on a new album to follow the June release of “Live The Blues Night” featuring classic blues numbers with contributions from SAVOY BROWN, TEN YEARS AFTER’s Ric Lee, Mick Abrahams of BLODWYN PIG, Pete Brown, Chris Farlowe and others. Now that will be a fitting tribute to a man who, in the early ’80s, led his own outfit fronted by Bruce Dickinson to move later to work with former GILLAN bassist John McCoy and to the projects of his own.


Those who still didn’t get a hold of DIO‘s latest album, “Killing The Dragon”, shall not hurry and buy it because October 7th will see the limited tour edition release. A set is to include an additional CD with extra material:
– Fever Dreams – Ronnie James Dio and DEEP PURPLE, live 2000
– Rainbow In The Dark – Ronnie James Dio and DEEP PURPLE, live 2000
– Push – video
– screensaver.


It’s a lifelong friendship between Rick Wakeman and Dave Cousins. The first time the two recorded together was in 1970 when Wakeman joined THE STRAWBS – to leave the band a year later and hit big with YES. Although Dave and Rick not only met many times in the following years but also occasionally played with each other, like at Classic Rock Society Awards night a while ago, there was no proper collaboration between them since 1971. Until now, as the veterans have recorded an album,“Hummingbird”, earlier this year, before Rick went to play with YES again. Some material is not so new – Dave previously recorded it in other forms – but, given a Wakey treatment there’s a new angle to it.

The players are: Rick Wakeman on keyboards, Dave Cousins on vocals, guitar, dulcimer, banjo, FAIRPORT CONVENTION’s Ric Sanders on violins, Mac McGann on tipple and Wakey’s faithful rhythm section, bassist Chas Cronk and drummer Tony Fernandez.

1. The Young Pretender (Cousins / Wakeman)
2. Hummingbird (Cousins / Wakeman)
3. So Shall Our Love Die (Cousins)
4. Steppes (Wakeman)
5. October To May (Cousins)
6. Ice Maiden (Wakeman)
7. Higher Germanie (trad. arr. Cousins / Wakeman)
8. Stone Cold Is The Woman’s Heart (Cousins)
9. Crie De Coeur (Wakeman)
10. All In Vain (Cousins/Wakeman)
11. Can You Believe (Cousins / Leon / Webb)
12. Via Bencini (Wakeman)
13. Forever Ocean Blue (Cousins)


History repeating, Gary Moore once again comes back to the power trio format he fashioned before with a certain THIN LIZZY incarnation of Phil Lynott, Brian Downey and himself and, later, with BBM, in company of former CREAM members, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker. This time around the Irish legend’s partners in crime are PRIMAL SCREAM skinsman Darrin Mooney and bassist Cass Lewis, formerly with SKUNK ANANSIE. The name of the band is the title of the guitarist’s new album, out on September 2nd: “Scars”. Hardly a long-term project, it looks exciting nevertheless.

1. When The Sun Goes Down
2. Rectify
3. Wasn’t Born In Chicago
4. Stand Up
5. Just Can’t Let You Go
6. My Baby (She So Good To Me)
7. World Of Confusion
8. Ball And Chain
9. World Keep Turnin’ Round
10. Who Knows (What Tomorrow Will Bring)?


September 16th is when “Attack!”, a new album from Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s RISING FORCE will see the light of day. The recording features a completely new line-up of Yngwie on various stringed instruments and vocals (er, on “Freedom” only), Derek Sherinian on keyboards, Patrick Johansson on drums and Doogie White on vocals. Following Graham Bonnet and Joe Lynn Turner, Doogie is the third in a line of former RAINBOW singers who Malmsteen’s been working with. In preparation for the European tour, starting in late October, Yngwie quit The Ultimate Guitar Experience he was a part of, together with Uli Jon Roth and Al Di Meola.

1. Razor Eater
2. Rise Up
3. Valley Of Kings
4. Ship Of Fools
5. Attack!
6. Baroque & Roll (instrumental)
7. Stronghold
8. Mad Dog
9. In The Name Of God
10. Freedom
11. Majestic Blue (instrumental)
12. Valhalla
13. Touch The Sky
14. Iron Clad
15. Air (instrumental)


Still not shedding a light on the upcoming covers album, STATUS QUO have presented another one, featuring original material and called “Heavy Traffic”. Out on September 23rd, it will mark the band’s 40th year in recording business.

1. Blues And Rhythm
2. All Stand Up (Never Say Never)
3. The Oriental
4. Creepin’ Up On You
5. Heavy Traffic
6. Solid Gold
7. Green
8. Jam Side Down
9. Diggin’ Burt Bacharach
10. Do It Again
11. Another Day
12. I Don’t Remember Anymore
13. Money Don’t Matter
bonus track
14. Rhythm Of Life

August 13, 2002

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