August 14, 2003


It’s great when a seasoned musician sets about doing classic songs, because he knows his chops well enough to apply his own personality to a well-known song and make it quite his own too. Pat Travers fits the definition perfectly, and one can be convinced in this, giving a spin to the guitarist’s new album, “P. T. Power Trio”. The title’s telling, as the Canadian’s drumming foil on the record is no other than Aynsley Dunbar, and among the songs – all being covers – are those by mighty three-pieces like MOUNTAIN, Robin Trower’s band, and THE ANIMALS’ tune made famous by GRAND FUNK. Groovy.

1. Tramp (STRAY DOG)
2. White Room (CREAM)
3. Day Of The Eagle (Robin Trower)
4. Dreams Of Milk And Honey (MOUNTAIN)
5. Inside Looking Out (THE ANIMALS)
6. Free Man (POINT BLANK)
7. Young Man Blues (THE WHO)
8. Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings (ZZ TOP)
9. Fire And Water (FREE)
10. Highway 61 Revisited (Bob Dylan)


In the last couple of years, Patrick Moraz has been very elusive, and it’s only now that his website is undergoing facelift to let all the fans know as to what’s the Swiss pianist been up to. What’s for certain is he was no slouch recently, because there’s a new album of Patrick’s coming out. A follow up to 2000’s "Resonance", it’s called“ESP” which stands for “Etudes, Sonatas, Preludes”, and is exactly these – pure piano pieces in classical style. Those who remember Moraz’s work on YES’ “Relayer”may found his new cycle alluring.

1. Prelude in C# min
2. Prelude in C# (Little Diamond)
3. Prelude In C#
4. Sonata in C (1st Movement Allegro in C)
5. Sonata In C (2nd Movement Andante in G)
6. Sonata in C (3rd Movement Allegrettho in C-F-C)
7. Prelude in A min. (Andante inspired by “Keep the Children Alive”)
8. Etude in Bb
9. Etude in F# (Waterfalls)
10. Etude – Fugue in A (starts in F#)
11. Etude in Bb (Dynamic Symmetry)
12. Etude in F#
13. Etude in F (Chords in 5ths)
14. Prelude in G and Bb
15. Prelude in Bm
16. Grand Sonata in Dm (1st movement Allegro)


While THE KINKS’ Ray Davies keeps a low profile and still digs his concept albums, his young sibling, Dave Davies has a new record out, “Transformation”. Recorded live at the Alex Theater and mixed at Ray’s Konk Studios, the show features new and previously unreleased material alongside the parent band’s classics like “Death Of A Clown” and “You Really Got Me”. A nice time-filler in the absense of new work from THE KINKS.

1. Transformation I
2. Who’s Foolin’ Who
3. Til The End Of The Day
4. I Need You
5. The Blues
6. See My Friends
7. Dead End Street
8. Rock You, Rock Me
9. Flowers In The Rain
10. Death Of A Clown
11. Picture Book
12. It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Done!
13. Bug
14. Transformation II
15. Livin’ On A Thin Line
16. Father Christmas
17. You Really Got Me
18. Outro


Ten years ago, in 1993, Paul McCartney embarked on his second world tour since the ’70s. Sure, that was the event but, though the video had been shot during “The New World Tour” and the CD “Paul Is Live” released, it never made it to the DVD. Now it does. Entitled “Paul Is Live”, the programme’s a good addition to any collection – but the time seems not right for it to come out in the wake of Macca’s acclaimed “Back In The U. S.” DVD. Not the greatest stuff, yet worth checking out anyway.

1. Drive My Car
2. Let Me Roll It
3. Looking For Changes
4. Peace In The Neighborhood
5. All My Loving
6. Good Rockin’ Tonight
7. We Can Work It Out
8. Hope Of Deliverance
9. Michelle
10. Biker Like An Icon
11. Here, There And Everywhere
12. Magical Mystery Tour
13. C’mon People
14. Lady Madonna
15. Paperback Writer
16. Penny Lane
17. Live And Let Die
18. Kansas City
19. Let It Be
20. Yesterday
21. Hey Jude

August 14, 2003

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