August 16, 2001


Some things feel long-overdue, and KISS box set is one of them that’s coming out on November 13th. The box contains four CDs crammed up to 80 tracks. Among them are live material including the recordings by WICKED LESTER, the Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons band, which later became KISS, and the quartet’s early demos of “Deuce” and “Strutter”. Classic period is to be represented by takes from the “Destroyer”“Rock And Roll Over”“Love Gun” and “Unmasked” sessions plus album tracks, B-sides and outtakes, all accompanied by 96-page booklet.


Blue Storm Music set for October 9th release the newest album from the legendary Peter Green and his SPLINTER GROUP. The album’s titled “Time Traders” and includes following tracks:

1. Until The Well Runs Dry
2. Real World
3. Running After You
4. Shadow On My Door
5. Lies
6. (Down The Road Of) Temptation
7. Downsize Blues (Repossess My Body)
8. Feeling Good
9. Time Keeps Slipping Away
10. Wild Dogs
11. Home
12. Underway
13. Uganda Woman

All the songs are written by the band members with the only one, “Underway”, penned by Greeny himself and adorned by Peter’s old friend Snowy White’s playing.

“Belfast Blues” is the title of another Blue Storm release slated for September 4th. It’s the album from Rab McCullough, great Irish guitarist, who recently played on Dick Heckstall-Smith’s "Blues And Beyond" album. His own effort is graced by the presence of wonderful UPTOWN HORNS combo.


Late October will likely see the CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL box set released, which doesn’t make the band’s former leader John Fogerty happy. Fogerty may try to abort the project, as he’s not on good conditions with his ex-colleagues Stu Cook and Doug Clifford, who sanctioned the release. Moreover, neither John, nor his brother Bob, his manager, didn’t even know of Fontana label plans.

If the six-CDs set is out, the fans should be delighted with inclusion of pre-CREEDENCE material: four tracks by Tommy Fogerty & THE BLUE VELVETS and twelve by THE GOLLIWOGS – that’s the first disc. The others contain all of the band’s albums, six studio and two live ones.


RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS cowardly backed off from their Israeli performance scheduled for August 28th, justifying their decision by insecure situation in the country and a U.S. State Department advisory recommending Americans not travel to Israel. The band insist that the gig is only postponed, which is no way convincing. More than 15,000 tickets have been sold for the concert and refunds will be given, but, sadly, it’s the sign of the times, that the rockers’ bravery is long gone.


On September 11th David Bowie is releasing two “lost” albums.The first, “All Saints”, is a collection of Bowie’s instrumentals recorded from 1977 to 1999 and previously available only to David’s friends, for whom he compiled it in 1993 as a Christmas present. The CD will include previously released tracks “Buddha Of Suburbia” and “Brilliant Adventure” plus three new ones, “All Saints,” “Abdulmajid” and “Crystal Japan”.

The second CD, called “Christiane F.”, was originally the soundtrack to the film “Christiane F. Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo” and contains songs laid down for Bowie’s albums of 1976-1979 period.


Carlos Santana is to appear on the Michael Jackson’s forthcoming album“Invincible”. No release date as of yet but the album will surely be out before the end of the year, more likely on October 29th.


Finally, there’s a tracklisting for upcoming “Magnification” album from YES, the first recorded with symphonic orchestra. The album will be released in Europe and USA on September 11th, and ten days later in Japan, where it will go augmented with “Long Distance Runaround” remix. So, it’s like this:

1. Magnification
2. Spirit Of Survival
3. Don’t Go
4. Give Love Each Day
5. Can You Imagine
6. We Agree
7. Soft As A Dove
8. Dreamtime
9. In The Presence of
10. Time is Time

August 16, 2001

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