August 20, 2011


Not so many bands use service of a real poet, not just a lyricist, who doesn’t play with them. There were / are KING CRIMSON and PROCOL HARUM, but Pete Sinfield and 
Keith Reid were essentially a part of these ensembles line-ups. Not so with Betty Thatcher-Newsinger who wrote the words to the best RENAISSANCE and Annie Haslam songs including such classics as “Mother Russia”, “Ocean Gypsy” and “Still Life”. Lately, the resurrected group’s new tunes didn’t require Betty’s talent but her spirit always was there, on stage, while she fought against cancer to lose the battle on August 15th. She, that elusive figure, will be sorely missed.


Difficult it may be to anthologize a band who started playing four decades ago, never stopped doing what they like and do best and still delivering with much impact after all these years, but NAZARETH really deserved such treatment as numerous compilations just fail to embrace the scope of this group who, even though they’ve always been filed after “hard rock” category, haven’t clung to any particular style bar their own patented skronk which hangs on Dan McCafferty‘s inimitable vocals and Pete Agnew‘s heavy swing. These two veterans are in the ranks from the day one up to day and show no sign of losing it to their younger partners in melodious crime, as suggested by the quartet’s 2011’s album “Big Dogz”. And it’s here that “NazBox” stops. Out on September 19th, the 4CD package crowns the Salvo reissue programme that took the band’s discography up to this last record. The box picks the best cuts from every album adding single cuts and BBC live tapes to the canon and comprises a good smattering of previously unreleased tracks. A collector’s dream.

Disc 1:

1. Dear John
2. Friends
3. Woke Up This Morning
4. If You See My Baby
5. Razamanaz
6. Bad Bad Boy
7. Broken Down Angel
8. Go Down Fighting
9. This Flight Tonight
10. Shanghai’d in Shanghai
11. Loved And Lost
12. Hair Of The Dog
13. Love Hurts
14. My White Bicycle
15. Vancouver Shakedown
16. I Want To Do Everything For You
17. Expect No Mercy
18. Place In Your Heart
19. New York Broken Toy
20. Star

Disc 2:

1. May The Sunshine (single mix / remix)
2. Holiday
3. Heart’s Grown Cold
4. Every Young Man’s Dream
5. Crazy
6. Boys In The Band
7. Dream On
8. Whippin’ Boy
9. Where Are You Now
10. Sweetheart Tree
11. Cinema
12. Hit The Fan
13. Piece Of My Heart
14. Hire And Fire
15. Every Time It Rains
16. Cry Wolf
17. Can’t Shake Those Shakes
18. Light Comes Down
19. Day At The Beach
20. Big Dogz Gonna Howl

Disc 3:

1. Turn On Your Receiver (Bob Harris jingle)
2. Called Her Name (live at the BBC)
3. Country Girl (live at the BBC)
4. Black Hearted Woman (live at the BBC)
5. Goin’ Down (live at the BBC)
6. Alactaraz (live at the BBC)
7. Vigilante Man (live at the BBC)
8. Ruby Baby (live at the BBC)
9. Woke Up This Morning / Boogie (live at the BBC)
10. Changing Times (live at the BBC)
11. Honky Tonk Downstairs (live at the BBC)
12. Whatcha Gonna Do About It (live at the BBC)
13. You Got Me Hummin’ (live at the BBC)
14. Guilty (live at the BBC)

Disc 4:

1. Telegram (live at the BBC)
2. Night Woman (live at the BBC)
3. Born To Love (live at the BBC)
4. Gone Dead Train (live at the BBC)
5. Kentucky Fried Blues (live at the BBC)
6. Teenage Nervous Breakdown (live at the BBC)
7. Paper Sun (unreleased)
8. Storm Warning (unreleased)
9. Mexico (demo)
10. Laid To Wasted ( "Sound Elixir" out-take)
11. Read The Book (unreleased)
12. SOS ("Sound Elixir" out-take
13. Sunshine Of Your Love (“Snakes ‘N’ Ladders”out-take)
14. See You See Me (unreleased)
15. Heatwave (unreleased)



This September, Angel Air proudly present a couple brand new albums from two veteran artists that many fans have been waiting for – if only for the reasom they didn’t release anything fresh for a long time.

The first collection, “Ten Commitments”, comes from Steve Ellis who has another band, THE BIG CITY ALLSTARS, to continue what he’s been doing with LOVE AFFAIR, ELLIS and WIDOWMAKER. More so, one of the cuts here, “Healing Touch”, is written by the same team who penned his biggest hit “Everlasting Love”. The CD has a video track on it as well, a promo of “Please Please Me”. Might be a BEATLES’ song but then maybe not.

1. Don’t Let Me Be The Only One
2. Healing Touch
3. Hit The Spot
4. Never Say Never
5. On The Way Home
6. Perfect Sunday
7. Please Please Me
8. Thank You Baby For Loving Me
9. War Train
10. We Got It

The next in line is “Fiddlersophical”, the first MEDICINE HEAD album in 35 years, the previous new one, “Two Man Band” being out in 1976. Now, John Fiddler composed an impressive line of songs and recorded it with a small company including an old sidekick, guitarist Laurence Archer who many know for his work with Phil Lynott’s GRAND SLAM.

1. Free
2. Cadillacs And Diamonds
3. The Haunting
4. Narcisister
5. Who’s Having Fun?
6. Halfway
7. I’ll Turn You On
8. Sing With Me
9. The Bermuda Triangle (Of My Love)
10. First I Lost My Mind
11. Angels And Misfits 

August 20, 2011

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