August 21, 2003


They’re a stronghold and, thus, hard to take by storm, yet THE ROLLING STONES finally succumbed to the modern trends and are letting their fans a good portion of the band’s glorious catalogue for download. For 79 cents per track only, there’s a possibility to burn a personal collection of the combo’s classics, but only those released after 1971, when THE STONES broke free from ABKCO and set The Rolling Stones Records. Still, later period brought forth many magnificent hits, like “Brown Sugar”, so hundreds of them will be offered in a specially encrypted digital format to prevent illegal swapping.

With the band finishing their “Forty Licks Tour” and celebrating THE STONES’ 40th anniversary, ABKCO isn’t out of action either. The company has granted permission to listen to more than 300 hundred pre-1971 songs via an Internet jukebox and is releasing the first ever ROLLING STONES’ remix. The maxi-single contains seven versions of 1968’s smash “Sympathy For The Devil” – the original cut and radio and full-length ones twiddled by The Neptunes, Fat Boy Slim and Full Phatt. Hybrid SACD is packaged in an animated lenticular cover bearing a flamed version of the tongue logo and can be played as a standard CD and Super Audio CD stereo and 5.1 Surround. Well, pleased to meet them, and we do know their name…


For the band playing nothing more than simple but heavy – and heady! – rock ‘n’ roll, MOTORHEAD seem to be too great and monumental. Good Golly, guts and warts, Ian Kilmister’s bunch more than deserves all the accolades, if only for sheer abandon – and sheer volume. What Lemmy and his colleagues didn’t have until now was a proper anthology in a form of an impressive box set, as no other compilation can’t hold the madness of, phew, 29 years that passed since Ian got kicked off from HAWKWIND, just to shoot higher than them.

Now the ‘HEAD are served well – or, to be exact, will be on October 7th – with the release of “Stone Deaf Forever!”, a 5CD-box spanning the band’s well-being from 1975 up to 2002. Issued with the ensemble’s approval, tracklisting compiled with input from the musicians and their fan club, the box has previously unreleased tracks (*) in there and a 60-page booklet. That’s what’s called Orgasmatron, you bet!

Disc One: 1975-1980

1. Motorhead (“Hawkwind B-side”)
2. Lost Johnny (“On Parole”)
3. Leavin’ Here (Stiff single)
4. White Line Fever (Stiff single)
5. The Watcher (“Motorhead”)
6. City Kids (“Motorhead”)
7. I’m Your Witchdoctor (“Motorhead”)
8. Motorhead (“Motorhead”)
9. Louie Louie * (Peel Session ’78)
10. Keep Us On The Road * (Peel Session ’78)
11. Tear Ya Down * (Peel Session ’78)
12. I’ll Be Your Sister * (Peel Session ’78)
13. Overkill (“Overkill”)
14. Stay Clean (“Overkill”)
15. Capricorn (“Overkill”)
16. Limb From Limb (“Overkill”)
17. Dead Men Tell No Tales (“Bomber”)
18. Stone Cold Forever (“Bomber”)
19. Step Down (“Bomber”)
20. Bomber (“Bomber”)
21. Over The Top (“Motordam”)
22. Shoot You In The Back (“Ace of Spades”)

Disc Two: 1980-1986

1. Ace Of Spades (“Ace of Spades”)
2. Bite The Bullet (“Ace of Spades”)
3. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
(“Ace of Spades”)
4. Live To Win * (BBC Session ’80)
5. Like A Nightmare * (BBC Session ’80)
6. Please Don’t Touch (“Ace of Spades”)
7. Iron Fist (“Iron Fist”)
8. Heart Of Stone (“Iron Fist”)
9. Don’t Need Religion (“Iron Fist”)
10. Shine (“Another Perfect Day”)
11. One Track Mind (“Another Perfect Day”)
12. I Got Mine (“Another Perfect Day”)
13. Snaggletooth (“No Remorse”)
14. Under The Knife (Slow Version) (“No Remorse”)
15. Ain’t My Crime (“Orgasmatron”)
16. Nothing Up My Sleeve (“Orgasmatron”)
17. Killed By Death * (BBC Session ’86)
18. Deaf Forever * (BBC Session ’86)
19. Orgasmatron (Spoken Word) * (BBC Session ’86)
20. Orgasmatron * (BBC Session ’86)
21. Dr Rock * (BBC Session ’86)

Disc Three: 1987-1996

1. Rock ‘N’ Roll (“Rock ‘n’ Roll”)
2. Eat The Rich (“Rock ‘n’ Roll”)
3. Just Cos You Got The Power (“Rock ‘n’ Roll”)
4. Black Leather Jacket * (Channel 4 TV)
5. No Voices In The Sky (“1916”)
6. Going To Brazil (“1916”)
7. Love Me Forever (“1916”)
8. You Better Run (“March Or Die”)
9. I Ain’t No Nice Guy (“March Or Die”)
10. Hell On Earth (“Hellraiser III ” O.S.T.)
11. Burner (“Bastards”)
12. I Am The Sword (“Bastards”)
13. Bad Woman (“Bastards”)
14. Devils (“Bastards”)
15. Sacrifice (“Sacrifice”)
16. Sex And Death (“Sacrifice”)
17. Over Your Shoulder (“Sacrifice”)
18. Out Of The Sun (“Sacrifice”)
19. I Don’t Believe A Word (“Overnight Sensation”)

Disc Four: 1996-2002

1. Overnight Sensation (“Overnight Sensation”)
2. Broken (“Overnight Sensation”)
3. Listen To Your Heart (“Overnight Sensation”)
4. Love For Sale (“Snakebite Love”)
5. Snakebite Love (“Snakebite Love”)
6. Take The Blame (“Snakebite Love”)
7. Joy Of Labour (“Snakebite Love”)
8. Orgasmatron 2000 * (Internet download)
9. Stay Out Of Jail (“We Are Motorhead”)
10. One More Fucking Time (“We Are Motorhead”)
11. We Are Motorhead (“We Are Motorhead”)
12. Shoot ‘Em Down (TWISTED SISTER tribute)
13. Walk A Crooked Mile (“Hammered”)
14. Brave New World (“Hammered”)
15. Mine All Mine (“Hammered”)
16. Voices From The War (“Hammered”)


Disc Five: Live: 1975-2002


1. On Parole (“What’s Words Worth”)
2. Train Kept A Rollin’ (“What’s Words Worth”)
3. Too Late Too Late * (BBC In Concert)
4. (I Won’t) Pay Your Price * (BBC In Concert)
5. Iron Horse (“No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith”)
6. We Are The Roadcrew
(“No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith”)
7. Nadine * (“Beware the Dog” – bootleg)
8. Steal Your Face * (BBC In Concert)
9. Mean Machine (“The Birthday Party”)
10. No Class (“The Birthday Party”)
11. Stone Deaf In The USA (“Live At Brixton”)
12. Dogs (“Live at Brixton”)
13. Traitor (“No Sleep At All”)
14. Built For Speed (“No Sleep At All”)
15. Acropolis * (“Metropolis” Greek ’45)
16. Angel City (“Everything Louder”)
17. R.A.M.O.N.E.S. (“Everything Louder”)
18. Silver Machine * (bootleg version)
19. On Your Feet Or On Your Knees
(“Everything Louder”)
20. I’m So Bad, Baby I Don’t Care
(“Everything Louder”)
21. Born To Raise Hell (“Everything Louder”)


Let’s face it: THE WHO are no more – at least, that’s what the surviving two members say and the fans think. What they think as well is, Why not have more of those magical moments there were, while the British rock veterans did the windmill guitarring and mike-juggling? So last year, ‘official bootlegs’ thread started being woven with full Pete Townshend’s cooperation, and the soundboard recordings from 2002’s tour of North America still continue to pile up – there are 25 of them now, called ”Encore Series” and produced in strictly limited quantities.

Exclusively available from, the profits from the CDs go to young peoples’ charities supported by the band. More so, the collectors can get a hold of all 25 double albums, housed either in the Limited Edition Road Case with a 60-page color book featuring tour photos and commentary, and a card autographed card by Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, or in a 5.5”x7.5’’x5’’ Collector’s Box, also with a book. So if you have “Lifehouse Chronicles”, why not go further and spend some more hundreds of bloody bucks? Especially if you happened to be on one of these shows:

Mountain View, 3 July 2002
Marysville, CA. 4 July 2002
George, WA. 6 July 2002
Mansfield, MA. 26 July 2002
Camden, NJ. 27 July 2002
Hershey, PA. 29 July 2002
New York, NY. 31 July 2002
New York, NY. 3 August 2002
New York, NY. 4 August 2002
Detroit, MI. 23 August 2002
Chicago, Il. 24 August 2002
Noblesville, IN. 25 August 2002
Grand Rapids, MI. 27 August 2002
Columbus, OH. 28 August 2002
Holmdel, NJ. 30 August 2002
Jones Beach, NY. 31 August 2002
Las Vegas, NV. 14 September 2002
Irvine, Ca. 15 September 2002
Los Angeles, Ca. 17 September 2002
Denver, Co. 19 September 2002
Dallas, Tx. 21 September 2002
Chicago, Il. 23 September 2002
St Paul, MN. 24 September 2002
Mansfield, Ma. 27 September 2002
Toronto, On. 28 September 2002

Oh, here’s much more interesting stuff coming from the very same windmill limbs: THE WHO leader Pete Townshend has another concert album of his out. ”Live BAM 1993”, recorded at the Brooklyn Academy of, it features the entire “Psychoderlict” performance and some of Pete’s many hits played that evening with a band and actors doing theatrical presentation.

Disk 1:

1. Intro
2. English Boy
3. Meher Baba M3
4. Let’s Get Pretentious
5. Meher Baba M4 (signal box)
6. Early Morning Dreams
7. I Want That Thing
8. Intro: Outlive The Dinosaur
9. Outlive The Dinosaur
10. Gridlife 1
11. Flame (demo)
12. Now And Then

13. I Am Afraid
14. Gridlife 2
15. Don’t Try To Make Me Real
16. Intro: Predictable
17. Predictable
18. Flame
19. Meher Baba M5 (Vivaldi)
20. Fake It
21. Intro: Now And Then (reprise)
22. Now And Then (reprise)
23. Baba O’Riley (demo)
24. English Boy (reprise)
Disk 2:

1. Pinball Wizard / See Me Feel Me / Listening To You
2. Let My Love Open The Door
3. Rough Boys
4. Behind Blue Eyes
5. The Kids Are Alright
6. Keep Me Turning
7. Eminence Front
8. A Little Is Enough
9. You Better You Bet
10. Face The Face
11. Won’t Get Fooled Again / Let’s See Action
12. Magic Bus


It’s almost impossible to recognize in this austere looking man that curly-wurly chap who led THE HERD, placed countrified licks with HUMBLE PIE and went to the rainbow’s end with his concert recoding after severe damage in a car crash. But it’s indeed him, Peter Frampton, who puts out his first studio album in nine years on August 25th. “Now” is both for old fans of Peter’s talent and for the new ones hooked on his contributions to the “Almost Famous” soundtrack. Songs from the pen which wrote “Show Me The Way” and “Baby, I Love Your Way” can’t be a letdown, and “My Guitar Gently Weeps” won’t be for sure: George Harrison was Frampton’s dear friend.

1. Verge Of A Thing
2. Flying Without Wings
3. Love Stands Alone
4. Not Forgotten
5. Hour Of Need
6. Mia Rose
7. I’m Back
8. I Need ground
9. While My Guitar Gently weeps
10. Greens
11. Above It All
European bonus tracks:
12. Cleveland
13. No Going Back
14. How Long Is Forever


This May Jeff Scott Soto was the guest at the 2003 Queen Convention and, being the top-class singer – no, there’s no doomed comparison to Freddie – he did an amazing job performing QUEEN numbers, some dozens of them. Not something to pass by, it’s all on DVD now, available from Gunpowder and gelatine, dynamite and a laser beam, guaranteed to blow your mind. Anytime.

1. Procession
2. Let Me Entertain You
3. Tie Your Mother Down
4. Another One Bites The Dust
5. I Want to Break Free
6. Keep Yourself Alive
7. Spread Your Wings
8. Dragon Attack
9. Medley:
– Death On Two Legs
– Princes Of The Universe
– Tenement Funster
– Flick Of The Wrist
– Innuendo
– Ogre Battle
– I’m In Love With My Car
10. Fat Bottomed Girls
11. ’39
12. Hammer To Fall
13. Don’t Stop Me Now
14. You’re My Best Friend
15. Save Me
16. I Want It All
17. Guitar Solo feat. Howie Simon
18. Stone Cold Crazy
19. Piano Medley:
– Dear Friends
– You Take My Breath Away
– Love Of My Life
– Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
– Jealousy
– Nevermore
– Lily Of The Valley
– The Millionaire Waltz
– Who Wants To Live Forever
20. Somebody To Love
21. Killer Queen
22. Play The Game
23. These Are The Days Of Our Lives
24. It’s Late
25. Under Pressure
26. Radio Ga Ga
27. Drum Solo feat. Alex Papa
28. We Will Rock You
29. We Are The Champions
31. Bohemian Rhapsody
32. The Show Must Go On
33. God Save The Queen

August 21, 2003

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