August 25, 2002


While KING CRIMSON were finishing the work on the new album and an EP to be released later in the year, the band’s singer / guitarist Adrian Belew immersed himself in the compiling of “Dust”, a rarities collection tracking down the artist’s history – lest someone forgets Belew’s CV includes such giants as Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Joe Cocker, TALKING HEADS and more. There’ll be over 100 tracks included, among them the following:

Peas – Adrian’s band GAGA, 1978
Lone Rhino
The Man In The Moon
Buy That Face – Animal Grace original version
Dust – “Three Of A Perfect Pair” rehearsals 
Heartbeat – rehearsal with outtakes from “Beat”
Man Behind The Curtain – remix of the BEARS song incl. early demo
Superboy – remix of the BEARS song incl. early demo
Elephant Talk – THE BEARS live
Kiss It Goodbye – unreleased BEARS demo
She Left Me – BEARS
Big Blue Sun
House Of Cards
Member Of The Tribe – instrumental version
Coconuts – instrumental version
Bird In A Box
Hot Zoo – variations
I Know What I Know And That Is All I Know And I Know It – with PROPHET OMEGA
Shoe Salesman – Dixieland version
One Time – demo
People – demo
What Do You Know? – full-length version
The Beach Goes On – orange juice commercial
The Gutter And Other Good Places – excerpts from the documentary
Blackbird – impromptu version
Neurotica – vocals only
Duck Funk Symphony
The release is said to happen this autumn.

Meanwhile, on September 1st, Adrian will offer his new song, “Asleep”, for free download at The song was written in the wake of September 11th tragedy.


Finally, there’s some news on the forthcoming live album from BLACKMORE’S NIGHT: out on October 14th, it’ll be called “Past Times With Good Company” and include tracks recorded earlier this year in Groningen and New York. Still, no words on how it corresponds with DVD and video to be released soon.

CD 1:

1. Shadow Of The Moon
2. Play Minstrel Play
3. Minstrel Hall
4. Past Times With Good Company
5. Fires At Midnight
6. Under A Violent Moon
7. Soldier Of Fortune

CD 2:

8. 16th Century Greensleeves
9. Beyond The Sunset
10. Morning Star
11. Home Again
12. Renaissance Faire
13. I Still Remember
14. Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus
15. Writing On The Wall

August 25, 2002

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