August 26, 2004


As a rule, “Romantic Collection” is a generic title for shoddy compilations featuring schmaltzy ballads supposed to ignite the inner flame. Strange, then, that BLACKMORE’S NIGHT allowed their forthcoming product to be called so – or, more fully, “Beyond The Sunset – The Romantic Collection”. But there’s no reason to ignore it easily, because Ritchie, Candice and their band of wandering minstrels have something new on there even for those fans who have everything The Man In Black have done.

First off, the collection, out on September 13th, opens with a new song, “Once In A Million Years”, and features a freshly re-cut version of “Ghost Of A Rose” and an “All Because Of You” remix. Then, those who can hardly wait until November 22nd, when the long-overdue BLACKMORE’S NIGHT DVD is released, may opt for another packaging, one including five live video tracks from the DVD:
1. Written In The Stars
2. Morning Star
3. Play, Minstrel, Play
4. Minstrel Hall
5. Under A Violet Moon

Yet that’s not all. The most hardcore aficionados will have a possibility to lay their hands on “Beyond The Sunset – The Box Set” that includes the same CD and DVD – plus a bonus CD with three Xmas-flavoured songs:
1. Emanuel
2. We Three Kings
3. Christmas Eve

Enough to pass the time with your beloved one.


There hardly is more mythological record than THE BEACH BOYS’ ”’Smile”. Conceived and sketched out by Brian Wilson while his band were on tour, 1967 didn’t see it released, even though an ad with a cover artwork had been published in press. Since then, it snowballed into a legend, with several pieces re-cut for successive albums and others appearing on various bootlegs. Still, no one bar Brian knew what the whole picture should’ve looked like – but on September 28th we’ll know.

Wilson and his writing partner Van Dyke Parks have finally finished their work last year, and February 20th, 2004 saw the live premiere of “Smile” at the Royal Festival Hall stage. Now, the studio recording’s ready, too. Featuring the ensemble which has supported Brian for some time and The Stockholm Strings And Horns, it surely is not a BEACH BOYS’ product, yet the original wasn’t to be really such either. So the new version is as good as any compiled from the bits and pieces by the fans – only fully authorised. The vibrations are good, indeed.

1. Our Prayer / Gee
2. Heroes And Villains
3. Roll Plymouth Rock
4. Barnyard
5. Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine
6. Cabin Essence
7. Wonderful
8. Song For Children
9. Child Is Father Of The Man
10. Surf’s Up


For a while, it seemed that the John Lennon re-issue programme stopped, with Yoko Ono not marking 2004 with a “Walls And Bridges” re-release. But no, on September 27th out is”Rock ’N’ Roll”, John’s roots album that originally appeared in 1975 after a long gestation and vying with unauthorised record put out by Morris Levy, who sued Lennon for “plagiarizing” Chuck Berry’s “You Can’t Catch Me” for THE BEATLES’ “Come Together”. The Phil Spector-led sessions ground to a halt when the producer disappeared with the tapes, yet John re-did the album, and it was his last before Lennon took a five-year vacation.

Now, remixed and remastered, ”Rock ’N’ Roll” is augmented with bonus tracks. Nothing too rare, really: “To Know Her Is To Love Her” and “Angel Baby” had their official debut in 1986, on“Menlove Ave”, while “Since My Baby Left Me” that was there as well, here will be in a different version, so it’s only an alternative ending to “Just Because” which is totally unheard by majority.


1982 might be not so momentous a year for QUEEN, with many fans quite puzzled by the direction the band took on “Hot Space”, yet live, they were always tremendous. The "Greatest Video Hits 2"“> DVD allowed a peek at it with “Staying Power” recorded at Milton Keynes, and this fall will see a release of the full show. As usual with QUEEN, “Live At Milton Keynes” comes on two discs and looks like this:

Disc One:

1. Flash
2. The Hero
3. We Will Rock You (Fast)
4. Action This Day
5. Play The Game
6. Staying Power
7. Somebody To Love
8. Now I’m Here
9. Dragon Attack
10. Now I’m Here (Reprise)
11. Love Of My Life
12. Save Me
13. Back Chat
14. Get Down Make Love
15. Guitar Solo
16. Under Pressure
17. Fat Bottomed Girls
18. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
19. Bohemian Rhapsody
20. Tie Your Mother Down
21. Another One Bites The Dust
22. Sheer Heart Attack
23. We Will Rock You
24. We Are The Champions

Disc Two:

Backstage interview
Freddie interview
Brian & Roger interview
Tour highlights from Tokyo, 1982:
1. Flash
2. The Hero
3. Now I’m Here
4. Impromptu
5. Put Out The Fire
6. Dragon Attack
7. Now I’m Here (Reprise)
8. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
9. Teo Torriate
Frankfurt, Germany, 1982:
1. Another One Bites The Dust
2. We Will Rock You
3. We Are The Champions
4. God Save The Queen
Photo Gallery


From ten to five years ago, the T.REX releases seemed to be competing with the Hendrix’s ones, a new title hitting the shelves every other months. Then a full flow of alternative albums and live recordings became shallow, so the fans had a good possibility to save up – and now they can spend the dough nicely. Out is “Total T.Rex”, a limited to 5,000 copies collection of 1971-1972 rarities, demos and concert cuts gathered on 5 CDs and a DVD by Rolan Bolan, Marc’s son. The set includes previously unreleased material from the personal collection of Bolan family, a deluxe 36-page booklet with notes by Rolan and T. REX musicians and unseen photos, plus two Electric Warrior replica stickers.

Disc 1:

1. Spaceball Ricochet (unplugged 1972)
2. Jeepster
3. Cosmic Dancer
4. Mainman
5. Ballrooms Of Mars
6. Mystic Lady
7. Girl
8. Baby Strange
9. Spaceball Ricochet (Boston, 1972)
10. Left Hand Luke
11. Slider
12. Interview & Jingles

Disc 2:

1. Cosmic Dancer (Marc Solo)
2. Planet Queen (NY, 1971)
3. Elemental Child (NY, 1971)
4. Jewel (NY, 1971)
5. Hot Love (NY, 1971)
6. Cosmic Dancer (Marc & Mickey Finn, NY, 1971)
7. Honey Don’t (Marc & Mickey Finn, NY, 1971)
8. Planet Queen (Marc & Mickey Finn, NY, 1971)
9. Get It On Blues (Marc & Mickey Finn, NY, 1971)
10. Radio Ad

Disc 3:

1. Beltane Walk (Wolverhampton, 1971)
2. One Inch Rock (Wolverhampton, 1971)
3. Spaceball Ricochet (Wolverhampton, 1971)
4. Debora (Wolverhampton, 1971)
5. Instrumental Jam (Wolverhampton, 1971)
6. Elemental Child (Wolverhampton, 1971)
7. Jeepster (Cardiff, 1972)
8. Cadilac (Cardiff, 1972)
9. Baby Strange (Cardiff, 1972)
10. Debora (Cardiff, 1972)
11. Spaceball Ricochet (Cardiff, 1972)
12. Telegram Sam (Cardiff, 1972)

Disc 4:

1. Cadilac (Boston, 1972)
2. Jeepster (Boston, 1972)
3. Thunderwing (Boston, 1972)
4. Baby Strange (Boston, 1972)
5. Spaceball Ricochet (Boston, 1972)
6. Girl (Boston, 1972)
7. Cosmic Dancer (Boston, 1972)
8. Hot Love (Boston, 1972)
9. Get It On (Boston, 1972)
10. Beltane Walk (Stoke-on-Trent, 1971)
11. One Inch Rock (Stoke-on-Trent, 1971)
12. Girl (Stoke-on-Trent, 1971)

Disc 5:

1. Electric Warrior/There Was A Time (home demo)
2. Planet Queen (home demo)
3. Guitar Jam (home demo)
4. Girl (home demo)
5. Guitar Jam #2 (home demo)
6. Girl #2 (home demo)
7. Guitar Jam #3 (home demo)
8. Get It On (home demo)
9. Jeepster (home demo)
10. Dark Lipped Woman (home demo)

August 26, 2004

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