August 28, 2003


If there’s a band deliciously menacing, VANILLA FUDGE are the one. Having somehow become one of American symbols, they were presented with a banner award, an American flag that was flown over the Capital building in Washington DC, on August 17th, when Carmine Appice and his colleagues played with San Fernando Valley symphony orchestra. A glorious show had been recorded, and the CD/DVD package is imminent. Quite about time, really.


Blues, jazz and prog rock are just three of the genres embraced on “Elements”, the debut album of Steve Howe’s REMEDY, the YES’ guitarist new band. A kind of family affair, the record, out on September 29th in Europe and October 7th in the U.S., features Steve’s sons Dylan and Virgil on drums and keyboards respectively – both already played with their father on 1993’s “The Grand Scheme Of Things” – the line-up is rounded off with Israeli flutist and sax blower Gilad Atzmon and Derrick Taylor on bass.

Says Steve:
“This album has really been a lot of fun; I can’t imagine when any album has come together in this way with a kind of snowball effect where I would just lock into it for one week, go mad on it and do a zillion things, go off and do something else, move over to another project, and then come back to it many times in the space of my six months off from YES, from the beginning ’til mid-2003. So the music feels like it has just come out of my veins!”
Easy to believe.

1. Across The Cobblestone
2. Bee Strings
3. Westwinds
4. Where I Belong
5. Whiskey Hill
6. The Chariot Of Gold
7. Tremolando
8. Pacific Haze
9. Load Of My Mind
10. Hecla Lava
11. Smoke Silver
12. Inside Out Muse
13. Rising Sun
14. Sand Devil
15. The Longing
16. A Drop In The Ocean

August 28, 2003

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