August 7, 2002


The news is brief but good for all the RENAISSANCE fans. Having decided to take some time off his concert duties with different projects, IQ keyboardist and Giant Electric Pea label head Martin Orford negotiated the European release of RENAISSANCE’s “In The Land Of The Rising Sun” live album (the tracklisting’s here). So there’s no need to spend a fortune on the Japanese copy anymore – just wait until September.


This could be expected: David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar have cut up their Sam & Dave tour. Hagar accuses Roth of all the deadly sins – big ego, small voice and growing baldness. VAN HALEN fans didn’t care though, and the duo’s trek was a success.


Towards the first year of George Harrison passing, his infamous autobiography, “I, Me, Mine”, is to be re-issued, prefaced with George’s widow Olivia introduction. Originally published in 1980, the book enraged John Lennon, strangely not mentioned by his former bandmate. Beside of narrative, “I, Me, Mine” features lyrics to many of Harrison songs with his own commentaries and is a unique portrait of an artist so mysterious. A timely step now, when many speculative books on the subject emerged.


It’s been a long waiting to be over on August 19th. KING CRIMSON Collectors’ Club is finally putting out the band’s legendary Hyde Park performance that took place on July 5th, 1969. That’s the same free concert headlined by THE ROLLING STONES which saw Mick Jagger mourning the death of Brian Jones – but it also gave the audience a taste of the beast that was CRIMSO’s first line-up of Robert Fripp, Ian McDonald, Greg Lake, Mike Giles and Pete Sinfield. So here it is, the recording of the historic event, the ensemble’s earliest live document to the date.

1. 21st Century Schizoid Man
2. In The Court Of The Crimson King
3. Get Thy Bearings
4. Epitaph
5. Mantra
6. Travel Weary Capricorn
7. Mars
bonus tracks:
8. Band reunion meeting (Epitaph Playback, London March 15th, 1997)
9. 21st Century Schizoid Man: instrumental version (Morgan Studios, June 12th, 1969)


They love to rock, Leslie West and Joe Lynn Turner, but sometimes they rock together. And not only as parts of VOICES OF CLASSIC ROCK formation. Some years ago Joe covered “Mississippi Queen”, then he helped Leslie with the guitarist’s solo album, “As Phat As It Gets”, so it’s only logical that the singer made it ontoMOUNTAIN‘s latest album, “Mystic Fire”, providing vocals for the title track and “The Sea”. As a whole, the record looks like this:

1. Immortal
2. Mystic Fire
3. Fever
4. The Sea
5. Mutant X
6. Better Off With The Blues
7. Mountain Express (Oh Boy)
8. Marble Peach / Rotten Peach
9. Johnny Comes Marching Home
10. Nantucket Sleighride


It seems, the previous news of the DEEP PURPLE box set called “Listen, Learn, Read On” that EMI are to release soon were significantly less appetizing than the truth is. The 120-page book is not the case, though it will offer an exhaustive story of the band’s first – and the most glorious – coming to life in 1968-1976. The main attraction is the wealth of tracks which appear here for the first time ever, like those recorded for BBC and a song by David Coverdale‘s early combo, GOVERNMENT, among the pre-DP pieces on the first CD out of six. Hopefully, there’ll be some other outlet for rarities because the rest is the material the real fans are long in posession of.


1. Keep A Knockin’ – THE OUTLAWS
1964, featuring Ritchie Blackmore
2. You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You – M.I.5
1966, featuring Rod Evans and Ian Paice
3. Only Time Will Tell – M.I.5
1966, featuring Rod Evans and Ian Paice
4. Send For That Girl – Johnny Kidd & THE PIRATES
1966, featuring Nick Simper
1967, featuring Jon Lord
6. I Can See Through You – EPISODE SIX
1967, featuring Roger Glover and Ian Gillan
7. Mr. Universe – EPISODE SIX
1968, featuring Roger Glover and Ian Gillan
8. Medusa – TRAPEZE
1970, featuring Glenn Hughes
9. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is – THE GOVERNMENT
1971, featuring David Coverdale 10. See My People Come Together – ZEPHYR
1971, featuring Tommy Bolin
DP Mk 1
11. Hush
12. Help
13. Shield
14. Listen, Learn, Read On
15. Kentucky Woman
16. Playground
from the remastered “Book Of Taliesyn”
17. Emmaretta
18. The Bird Has Flown

CD2: DP Mk 1 & 2

1. Why Didn’t Rosemary
2. Hallelujah
3. Ricochet
1969, BBC session, unreleased early version of “Speed King”
4. Bird Has Flown
1969, BBC session, Mk 2 covering a Mk 1 track
5. Hush
1969, live at Royal Albert Hall
6. Concerto, Third Movement reprise
1969, live at Royal Albert Hall
7. Wring That Neck
1969, Montreux Casino – full show to appear later in 2002
8. Jam Stew
1969, BBC session, unreleased
9. Speed King
1969, BBC session, unreleased
10. Cry Free
from the remastered “In Rock”
11. Hard Loving Man
1970, BBC session, unreleased
12. Bloodsucker
1970, BBC session, unreleased
13. Living Wreck
1970, BBC session, unreleased
14. Studio Chat / Jam
the “Flight Of The Rat” session
15. Flight Of The Rat
remix from the remastered “In Rock”

CD3: DP Mk 2

1. Mandrake Root
1970, Aachen, a new mix of the "Space" bootleg track
2. Grabsplatter
1970, BBC session
3. Child In Time
1970, BBC session, unreleased
4. Jon Lord interview
1970, BBC session, unreleased
5. Black Night
1970, BBC session, unreleased
6. Into The Fire
1970, BBC session, unreleased
7. Fools
unreleased outtake
8. Fireball
9. No One Came
10. Demon’s Eye
remix from the remastered “Fireball”

CD4: DP Mk 2 & 3

1. No No No
1971, German TV
2. Highway Star
1971, German TV
3. Smoke On The Water
1974 quadro mix
4. Never Before
1974 quadro mix
5. When A Blind Man Cries
remix from the remastered “In Rock”
6. Strange Kind Of Woman
1972, BBC In Concert
7. Lazy
live in Japan
8. Black Night
unissued “Made In Japan”
9. Woman From Tokyo
remix from the remastered “Who Do We Think”
10. Smooth Dancer
11. Mary Long
unissued remix for the remastered “Who Do We Think”
12. Burn
remastered from the original album
13. Might Just Take Your Life
remastered from the original album

CD5: DP Mk 3

1.Sail Away
remastered from the original album
2. Coronarias Redig
remastered from the original tapes
3. You Fool No One
California Jamming
4. Mistreated
1974, San Diego, unreleased
5. Space Truckin’
1974, Kilburn Gaumont, unreleased in full

CD6: DP Mk 3 & 4

1. Stormbringer
1974 quadro mix
2. Soldier Of Fortune
1974 quadro mix
3. Hold On
1974 quadro mix
4. Highball Shooter
unissued instrumental version
5. The Gypsy
1975, Paris Palais des Sports
6. Drifter
live rehearsal
7. Dance To The Rock ‘n’ Roll
live jam
8. This Time Around / Owed To ‘G’
remastered from the original tapes
9. Love Child
remastered from the original tapes
10. Wild Dogs
1975, Budo-kan
11. Lady Luck
1976, Longbeach Arena
12. Getting Tighter
1976, Longbeach Arena
13. You Keep On Moving
remastered from the original tapes

August 7, 2002

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