August 9, 2001


Joe Lynn Turner has his new album called “Slam” ready for September’s release in Europe. More heavy than 2000’s  "Holy Man", it features almost the same line-up – Akira Kajiyama on guitars, bassist Eric Czar, Paul Morris handling the keyboards and drummer Kenny Kramme. And the songs are:
Bloodsucker, Eye For An Eye, Deliver Me, Heart Of The Night, Slam, Dark Days, Possession, Show Yourself, Cover Up (bonus track), Hard Time, Evil, Always Tomorrow.


John Fogerty is happy with two newcomers-to-be in his life. The first is a new studio album, first since 1997’s “Blue Moon Swamp”, that John is currently busy writing, so there’s no release date as of yet. The second is more personal issue, being the Fogerty’s seventh child to be born in October. Artist’s wife and children already know whether boy or girl the baby is, but John himself prefers to be surprised on delivery.


Old punk farts THE DAMNED are back! Quarter of century since their debut, the band returns with a new album, “Grave Disorder”, slated for release on August 20th. Beside Dave Vanian and, of course, Captain Sensible, the ranks include bass player Patricia Morrison, Vanian’s wife (ex-GUN CLUB and SISTERS OF MERCY), keyboardist Monty Oxy Moron and Pinch, the drummer boy. To launch the album, THE DAMNED plan a one-off show at London day before the release.


For the first time ever in their 33-years history DEEP PURPLE go on-stage without the band’s founding member, organist Jon Lord, who undergoes a knee surgery and, thus, isn’t able to play on the first eight concerts of the European tour starting today in Denmark.


Still, no need to worry about the quality of performance, as Jon’s replacement is none other than good old Don Airey, who a couple of weeks ago parted company with THE COMPANY OF SNAKES and previously served for RAINBOW and COLOSSEUM II among others. Lord is to regain his position in Bonn on August 19th.

With these touring obligations, it’s arguable whether Jon will be able to attend a Tony Ashton tribute concert, that’s to take place at the Buxton Opera House on November 4th. Expected are quite a many guests with Miller Anderson and Bernie Marsden among them.

Meanwhile, there’s the news on the second 68/75 DEEP PURPLE bootleg release. It will be the recording from the show at Copenhagen’s KB Hallen, March 1st, 1972. There’s a video of the show in existance, which has been used as a bootlegs source, but the new release comes directly from the original master and boasts a huge improvement.


IQ’s keyboard player Martin Orford, who’s in charge of GEP Records, informs about the label’s upcoming releases.

The most awaited is, no doubt, “Tuscany” from re-united RENAISSANCE, currently available only as a Japan import. As for IQ fans, they will be glad to hear that after a CD and video versions "Subterranea: The Concert" is making it to DVD. And then, there’s an untitled as of yet album by THE LENS, a band that pre-dated IQ with Martin and Mike Holmes being the main writers. Orford says: “The music was mainly instrumental, and some of it was rather more spacey and ambient than IQ. Although there was a lot of good material, it was never properly recorded, so 25 years later, we are recording it now! Mike and myself will be playing most of the instruments, with Paul Cook on drums”.

All projects will see the light of day before the end of the year.


George Harrison proves his all-too-worried-about health with an array of collaborations. Dark Horse plays guitar on the forthcoming single by TRAFFIC’s Jim Capaldi, entitled “Anna Julia” and penned in for release August 13th. The line-up for the record includes Ian Paice of DEEP PURPLE and Paul Weller on backing vocals. Others guesting on the album “Living On The Outside” to be out on October 8th, are Steve Winwood and Gary Moore.


Rick Wakeman released through his site a statement regarding his muted collaboration with fellow keyboards wiz Keith Emerson, saying the two have been discussing over the last couple of years about how best to go about the joint venture. Masters are “in full agreement of how the recording should sound and how it should be best done”, but they “will not be cajoled into making a “cheap” production job to satisfy record labels who are just looking to make a quick “buck”: “We are prepared to wait, but we are both convinced that this project will come to fruition and the result be the musical one that everybody hopes it will be”.

Still, fans can indulge with Wakey’s latest product, live album “Out Of The Blue” available through the site. The recording made on April 21st at the Teatro Coliseo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, features the new ENGLISH ROCK ENSEMBLE, which is singer Damian Wilson, Adam Wakeman on keyboards and backing vocals, Ant Glynne playing guitars and also handling backing vocals plus Rick’s old cohorts, bassist Lee Pomeroy and drummer Tony Fernandez. The tracklist is a selection of material both old and new and looks like this:

1. Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
2. Buried Alive
3. Jane Seymour
4. No Earthly Connection/The Prisoner
5. Catherine Parr
6. The Visit
7. Return of the Phantom
8. Starship Trooper
9. Wurm


October 16th is the release date for “Down To Earth”, the new album from Ozzy Osbourne. The first single culled out of it will be “Gets Me Through”, which is to go to radio stations on September 4th.


Nigel Glockler, a top-notch drummer, whose playing made many albums so special – among them those by GTR, SAXON, Steve Howe and Bernie Torme – is to release his solo debut, "Mad Men And English Dogs". Instrumental album delivers a blend of heavy rock with contemporary progressive overtones and features the SAXON guitarist Doug Scarratt.

1. Swing That Tail
2. Pomporwot
3. Funky Shogun
4. Cheers Murray!
5. Dreadnought
6. One Hump Or Two
7. I.C.F.
8. Hot Sausage
9. Mirrors
10. Snow-capped
11. In Memory of…..

Due for September release, the album will be available exclusively from the official Nigel Glockler website.


There are more classic concert recordings to be released through N-M-C Music. These are the following items.

AMAZING RHYTHM ACES – "Between You And Us". The album recorded in Denver on March 30th 1979 on the “Burning The Ballroom Down Tour”.

BLUE OYSTER CULT – "Tales From The Psychic Wars" . This one features two live shows: one recorded in New York in 1981 on the “Fire of Unknown Origin” tour and the second in Pasadena in 1983 on a tour that pre-empted the release of “The Revolution By Night”. As for the tracks…

Disc 1
1. Dr Music
2. Burnin’ For You
3. Fire Of Unknown Origin
4. Joan Crawford
5. Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
6. Hot Rails To Hell
7. Me 262
8. Don’t Fear The Reaper
9. Godzilla
10. Born To Be Wild
11. 5 Guitars
12. Roadhouse Blues
Disc 2
1. Stairways To The Stars
2. Harvester Of Eyes
3. Workshop Of The Telescopes
4. Before The Kiss
5. Born To Rock
6. Hot Rails To Hell
7. Seven Screaming Dizbusters
8. Cities On Flame With Rock’n’Roll
9. Burnin’ For You
10. Joan Crawford
11. Born To Be Wild
12. Don’t Fear The Reaper
13.Roadhouse Blues

JACK BRUCE –  "Doin.
Legendary bassist with his heavy friends – E-STREET BAND’s David Sancious on keyboards, Clem Clempson of COLOSSEUM on guitars and legendary drummer Billy Cobham – captured live in the States in 1980. The show featuring “Bird Alone” – the tribute to Charlie Parker – in its full 17 minute glory consisted of these tracks: White Room, Hit And Run, Clem’s Blues, Born Under A Bad Sign, Livin’ Without Ja, Dancing On Air, Theme From An Imaginary Western, Face Lift 318, Escape To The Royal Wood, Morning Story, Traintime, Politician, Sunshine of Your Love and Bird Alone.

HALL & OATES – "Ecstasy On The Edge"#”>. Show, recorded live at the end of 1979 in Denver, features songs duo’s two albums of the time, “X Static” and “Along The Red Ledge” and contains the hits “Wait For Me”, “Sara Smile”, “Rich Girl” and “She’s Gone”.

OZARK MOUNTAIN DAREDEVILS – "Masters Of The Road. The concert recorded in Denver for US Radio in 1976 to promote the band’s third album “Men From Earth”, includes the country-rockers’ hit “Country Girl”.

August 9, 2001

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