AUTUMN BREEZE – 20:12 – Demolition Suite

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20:12 – Demolition Suite

Fathom the bottom end: the Swedish proggers’ actual trilogy gets flows into its second installment.

It’s a matter of punctuality: to place an epic piece into a tight time constraint, and a specific one for that matter, as three principal composers of AUTUMN BREEZE celebrate 2012 by coming up with a mini-album clocking in exactly 20:12 each. The first to deliver was Gert Magnusson who, one year after his "Glimpses From A Lifetime", returns to flute to pass the multi-instrumentalist mantle over to bassist Kenneth Halvarsson. The latter goes for larger scale with a four-part grand piece that, thanks to a sensual ensemble playing, gel vibrantly into a space symphony.

“Question” may buzz with synthesizers’ itch but underlying guitar riffs bring a crystal piano to the surface to unfurl an angular art rock vista where, when “Choices” swells on, a valkyries choir sways wildly. Then the bass rumbles behind a faux orchestral background yet, as drama gets intense, vocals enter the picture for politically charged growl, but in “Decisions” the drift turns to lyrically uplifting, and Sara Bergqvist’s voice pours mellowness to the stormy, low-toned bottom. Bringing it all to a close, “Heritage” rages around the duel of William Belbrandt’s guitars and Jan Warnkvist’s keyboards and welcomes a folk dance to the fray. Demolition makes space for a new edifice, after all.


April 29, 2013

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