BAKER GURVITZ ARMY Unearth Concert Tapes

1975 saw BAKER GURVITZ ARMY reach the peak of their flight, with "Elysian Encounter" – featuring, alongside Adrian and Paul Gurvitz and Ginger Baker, singer Snips and keyboardist Peter Lemer – blending art-rock and blues into a new concept. But it’s on-stage that the British ensemble conjured genuine magic and delivered unrecorded material, even though there was enough previously issued pieces in their repertoire for quite a long performance. Documenting the point is “On The Road Again”: a report from London’s “New Victoria Theatre” – scheduled for a September 13th release.

Confirming that it’s an authorized item, Paul added: “the sound is great and there are some amazing drum solos” – while bonus tracks hail from various places. The full tracklist of the album runs like this:

On The Road Again

1. Inside Of Me
2. Love Is
3. The Hustler
4. Time
5. Space Machine
6. The Artist
7. Freedom
8. Remember
9. People
bonus tracks:
10. Drum Solo
11. Hearts On Fire
12. Help Me
13. Ginger Introduction
14. Sunshine Of Your Love

August 23, 2019

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