BANG Are Back With A Mirror Of Selves

That’s quite an inauspicious beginning if a band’s first album is deemed too conceptual for its heavy music and too metallic for its coherent lyrical ideas, yet this was exactly what happened to American trio BANG who countered such a punch by delivering a follow-up record which, with modest chart action, would become a cult classic. Their self-titled actual debut and a two-in-one offering “Mother/Bow To The King” – both released in 1972 – as well as 1973’s “Music” were well-loved but the ensemble’s disappointment with the business side of what they did resulted in unwillingness to enter the studio and a break-up. And when they did return, to lay down 1999’s “Return To Zero” and “The Maze” five years later, old fans couldn’t get too excited. Now, everybody is.

Another Me

The reason to be glad isn’t limited to the reissue, on colored vinyl, of the doom-metal precursor “Bang” on June 30th; the cause is the appearance of “Another Me” on July 21st, as the group’s first album in almost two decades features all three original players: singing bassist Frank Ferrara, guitarist Frank Glicken and drummer Tony D’Iorio, the latter aided and abetted by skin-hitter Danny Piselli to up the groove. And the groove is mighty, indeed, with melodies to math it – just listen to the platter’s opener below (and read the review).

1. Another Me
2. Broken Toys
3. Man Of God
4. Clouds
5. Two Angels
6. Drone Pilot
7. Tin Man
8. This Night

July 1, 2023

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