BANGTOWER – With N With Out

Declassified 2016

Fuse on for fusion: it’s all about the “N” – except for negativity for which there’s no space. 

BANGTOWER - With N With Out

With N With Out

It took this collective a good six years to follow "Casting Shadows" with a second album but, perhaps, the hiatus allowed Neil Citron to recharge their batteries and fill his vehicle with some high-octane rocket fuel. The result is sixty six minutes of elastic mysticism rolled into a concept circle that starts with “Hello I’m Here” and signs off with “Good Bye N Good Night” – former a romantic slice of a slow caress, kissed by cymbals, which soar once guitars take it to the skies, and latter a harbor of a soothing expanse. It’s not an entire cosmic trip, though, as “This Is My Town” will unexpectedly throw a good-time rock ‘n’ roll for the listener to catch up and get into its swing, while the players have the same fun with “Roger, Wilco N Out” when a simmering organ fleshes out the attack and slider-abetted energy splashes resolve into a transparent song.

Sweet vocals also spice up the scope of “Kitty’s Real Groove” whose bottom end is led to the fore by Robbie Pagliari’s rumble, and ruffle the riff of “Chipotle” to set up the scene for “Soul To Sole” where the blues reign supreme on the bounce of Percy Jones’ boom, all letting Frankie Banali’s rhythms deepen their filigree flow. Still, there’s a slight anxiousness to drive a few pieces towards funk, as drums stumble along before streamlined fusion licks straighten up the ensemble’s interplay. For what it’s worth, Eastern motifs feed into the unison on “McGowan’s Pass” which may seem sketchy but is possessed with theatrical flair, yet the bonus of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” gives a Bing Crosby classic jazzy flavors and exposes instrumental brilliance of this band.

Hopefully, their new voyage won’t have earthlings wait too long.


December 7, 2017

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