BE-BOP DELUXE Reissue “Futurama” As A Box Set

If there ever was an ensemble whose very name demanded a deluxe reissue of their catalogue, it would be – of course – BE-BOP DELUXE, whose melange of classic rock influences not only made them a classic band but also positioned the British combo in the unique spot between prog and new wave. Last year saw an upgraded re-release of the artists’ 1976 near-masterpiece “Sunburst Finish” (detailed here but not available for review), while April 26th is the day when this album’s predecessor “Futurama” – the collective’s sophomore effort – is to be out, given the same treatment. Recorded as a trio of Bill Nelson, Charlie Tumahai and Simon Fox, it’s an interesting work to say the least, particularly because there was a couple of tracks – “Music in Dreamland” and “Jean Cocteau” – that defined Nelson’s subsequent solo career, although the rest of cuts is just as good, and the 3CD/1DVD box set will be its ultimate, if limited in run, realization.

Augmented with a 68-page book with plethora of photos and new essay by Bill, as well as a replica of the record store poster, postcards and album track sheets, the main focus of it all is surely the music, because there are three mixes of the album – original, now remastered; new stereo one; and a 5.1 Surround – and a lot of rare and previously unissued material. All in all, the box sonic content is (read the review):

BE-BOP DELUXE - Futurama


CD 1 – The Original Album Remastered:
1. Stage Whispers
2. Love With The Madman
3. Maid In Heaven
4. Sister Seagull
5. Sound Track
6. Music In Dreamland
7. Jean Cocteau
8. Between The Worlds
9. Swan Song
bonus tracks:
10. Between The Worlds (single version)
11. Lights

CD 2 – The New Stereo Mix:
1-11 – as above
12. Music In Dreamland (Phonogram Studios version – previously unreleased)
13. Between The Worlds (alternate single version – previously unreleased)

CD 3 – BBC Sessions:
Radio One “John Peel Show” – March 11th, 1975:
1. Stage Whispers
2. Sister Seagull
3. Maid In Heaven
4. Lights
“In Concert” – May 23rd, 1975 – previously unreleased:
5. Stage Whispers
6. Third Floor Heaven
7. Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape
8. Sister Seagull
9. Piece Of Mine
10. Maid In Heaven
11. Axe Victim

1-12 – as on CD 2 –
    5.1 Surround Sound Mix, New 96 Khz / 24-Bit Stereo Mix And 96 Khz / 24-Bit Original Stereo Mix
“Old Grey Whistle Test” – July 19th, 1975:
13. Maid In Heave
14. Sister Seagull
15. Maid In Heaven (previously unreleased promo video)

February 16, 2019

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