BEAU – Recorded @ Rocker’s

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BEAU - Recorded @ Rocker's

Recorded @ Rocker’s

John Peel’s protégé helps keep afloat the station where the legacy of his champion lives on.

Trevor Midgley, or Beau, rarely plays live, yet when it came to gracing the studio of Dandelion Radio – which works in the spirit of and shares the name with the label founded by the most influential British on-wave DJ – it would be too irreverent to ignore the invitation. So, in October 2014, the singer-songwriter delivered a short, if energetic, set that didn’t draw attention to his latest album but rather gave a new shot to the pieces from two other records: "Edge Of The Dark" and "Fables & Facades".

Released the following month and aimed to finance the station, “Recorded @ Rocker’s” surprisingly heightens the dramatism of Midgley’s creations, above all his arguably best one, “The Night Before Trafalgar”, where neither the veteran’s supple voice nor the 12-string strum betray the decades passed since Beau first shared his vision with Peel, while “In The Court Of Conscience” sets the beauty in the heart of philosophy. Elsewhere, “Filters” gains theatrical irony, as its social satire is stressed by a quiver in the vocals, and “Reflections”, another war-themed cut, defines the gist of Beau the poet and musician – a literate romantic who strives to make this world better. Maritime melodies or not, the waves are better with him on.

To help the cause, download the album here.

November 25, 2014

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