Beau sets a new record on the wing

Being associated with John Peel doesn’t imply an instant recognition, and Trevor Midgley, also known as Beau, know this too well. He recorded for the superstar DJ’s Dandelion label, often backed by the criminally obscure proggers TRACTOR, and his two old albums – such as "Creation" – are little short of classics in the singer-songwriter category. Lately, Midgley expanded the aforementioned LP and excavated a cache of previously un-issued cuts, including Beau’s third platter, "Twelve Strings To The Beau", and "Fables & Facades", a collection which fills the gaps between the past and "The Way It Was", the veteran’s comeback offering. And now, its follow-up goes into the light.

Titled “Fly The Bluebird,” this new album, laid down in March of 2013, may refer to Maurice Maeterlinck’s L’Oiseau bleu, yet the songs on there are both romantic and political – Beau’s usual approach – but captivating. Out on April 7th on Cherry Red, it’s a download-only proposition, and not one to refuse. Review’s here, and the record goes like this:

BEAU - Fly The Bluebird

Fly The Bluebird

1. Fly The Bluebird
2. Death Of An Old Year
3. Lenin
4. A Curious Man
5. Rooks And Ravens
6. All The Way Down The Line
7. When Gabriel Turns
8. So Far Away
9. Soldiers Of Fortune
10. Singapore
11. That Silver Door
12. The Hum Of The Cable
13. Saving Grace
14. Wings

And there’s a video to the most curious piece on display:

April 6, 2014

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