Beau to help Dandelion bloom

Trevor Midgley, widely known as Beau, was championed by John Peel back in the day, who signed the singer-songwriter to his Dandelion Records where the artist released such cult classics as "Creation". The label stopped in 1973 but now there’s Dandelion Radio that’s been carrying the torch since 2006, with Beau one of its guests and avid supporters. It was logical, then, that Trevor would play there and decide to release some of his sessions to help wit their running costs. Out now as a download-only offer, “Recorded @ Rocker’s” contains live versions of songs from two of Midgley’s albums, "Edge Of The Dark" and "Fables & Façades", and is available at a nominal price of £2.00 – yet one can play more for the radio sake.


Recorded @ Rocker’s

The recording made in July 2014 is released via Local Underground Records and is reachable here(Read the review.)

1. The Night Before Trafalgar
2. The Mirror
3. Filters
4. Flowers Of The Sea
5. In The Court Of Conscience
6. Reflections

November 15, 2014

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