Bernie Shaw And Dale Collins Serve Up A Full-Length Album

It’s been twenty years since two Canadian musicians, singer Bernie Shaw and axeman Dale Collins, released a 3-song EP “Picking Locks” that didn’t really take off as the pair hoped it would and become more of a collector’s item. Still, thanks to the prominent profile of Bernie’s band, URIAH HEEP, there always was an interest in this release.

As Mr. Shaw told me in 2004, “I met Dale years ago, when I put a little band together in Canada, called IN TRANSIT. Dale’s a great guitar player – phenomenal guitar player! – and a good writer, and he’s a good engineer in a studio. COLLINS / SHAW… I wish we could have put more time into it. So, providing I have the time to write, we can be doing more stuff.” And they did.

Out on September 13th will be, on CD and LP, “Too Much Information”: a full-length album featuring new versions of the three old pieces – “Here We Go,” “Hey Jimi” and “Rock On” – as well as five new ones. Given how long Bernie was working towards any kind of solo release, this has to be a great record.

Too Much Information

And that’s how it looks – read the review:

1. So Many Times
2. Alone
3. Here We Go
4. Too Much Information
5. Sad Song
6. Hey Jimi
7. Just A Little Bit
8. Rock On

July 23, 2019

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