Bernie Worrell’s Posthumous Platter To Be Out

It’s been close to eight years since Bernie Worrell, the most fantastic driver of ivories, left this planet for some other plane of existence, to become a sonic wave still resonating amongst those who loved his work alongside George Clinton, Jack Bruce and Bill Laswell and who lost the cosmic soul he used to be. Given the abundance of pieces the veteran wrote and performed as a solo artist, there was no doubt his archives were bursting with material that didn’t land on plastic, and it was just a matter of time before previously unheard music would see the light of day. And the day is April 20th, a day after The Wizard of Woo’s 80th anniversary.

Wave From The WOOniverse

Of course, the release date is Record Store Day 2004, so “Wave From The WOOniverse” – as Bernie’s forthcoming album is titled – will initially be issued on vinyl, and the 2LP set will lend itself to CD a little later. Culled from multiple reels of two-inch tape and restored, these pieces have been completed by Worrell’s friends and followers, including Bootsy Collins, and present the late genius at his eclectic best, with a yet-unaired FUNKADELIC cut adding weight to what could amount to a start of a treasure-trove opening.

Hopefully, some of his works are worthy to be out without any posthumous additions.

1. Intro (Reflection On A Bird) – feat. Nick Montoya
2. Distant Star – feat. Jerry Harrison, Paul Dooley & Alecia Chakour
3. What Have They Done To My Funk –
      feat. Bootsy Collins, Michael Moon Reubens, Ouiwey Collins & Buckethead
4. Heapin’ Bowl Of Gumbo – feat. Leo Nocentelli, Fred Wesley, Stanton Moore with Lonnie Marshall
5. Re-Enter Black Light (Phase II) – feat. Sean Ono Lennon
6. The Big WOO – feat. Fred Schneider with Binky Griptight, Marco Benevento & Steve Scales
7. Greenpoint – feat. Steven Bernstein with Smokey Hormel, Mauro Refosco, Scott Hogan & Michael Jerome
8. Soldiers Of The Stars – feat. Daru Jones & Eric McFadden
9. When The Rain Subsides – feat. Will Calhoun
10. Pedro WOO – feat. Mike Watt
11. Contusion with FUNKADELIC
12. Transcendence – feat. Marc Ribot & Norwood Fisher
13. Wave From The WOOniverse – feat. Miho Hatori with Sarah La Puerta & Steve Scales

February 20, 2024

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