Bill Nelson Plans To Have Fun At The Fair

It’s not easy to be a Bill Nelson fan, as the English musician’s discography – original platters, previously unissued albums, archival recordings – seems rather labyrinthine. More so, the veteran’s cinematic instrumental works like "Dreamy Screens" seem to be outbalancing his song-based efforts which had been attracting a solid following ever after such classics as "Sunburst Finish" ruled the waves. This is why the prospect of the great guitarist’s forthcoming release feels so arresting.

The 16-track offering titled “All The Fun Of The Fair” and scheduled to hit the shelves on November 3rd is a life-affirming collection of vocal-led numbers with a few voiceless vignettes to link them and present the listener with a trip of sorts, with, as Nelson himself puts it, “various rides and mysterious sideshows” to enjoy. Alluring to say the least.

All The Fun Of The Fair

1. Beams Of Light
2. Beep, Beep, Beep
3. Roundabouts And Swings
4. Man Of Dreams
5. Electric Atlanta
6. Push The Button, Spin The Dial
7. Wanderings
8. One AM
9. Chelsea Flash
10. All The Fun Of The Fair
11. Madam Midnight
12. Dance Of The Sonic Culture Gods
13. Running From My Own Shadow
14. The House Of Morpheus
15. The Silent Hour
16. Keep Your Telescope Focussed On The Stars

October 31, 2023

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