Bill Wyman Takes A Test Drive On New Platter

Nobody expected Bill Wyman to issue another album any day soon, and most listeners assumed 2015’s “Back To Basics” was his last-ever offering. Still, the erstwhile Stone keeps on rolling, and August 9th will see the release of the 87-years-old’s sixth solo platter.

Titled “Drive My Car” – whether its titular cut is The Fabs’ one remains to be heard – it consists of only eight numbers on vinyl, with a CD version containing two more tracks. There are no details available at the moment, but one can safely assume that this record, like all Wyman previous efforts, features prominent instrumentalists complementing Bill’s vocals and bass.

Drive My Car

1. Thunder On The Mountain
2. Drive My Car
3. Bad News
4. Storm Warning
5. Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody
6. Light Rain
7. Rough Cut Diamond
8. Wings
9. Two Tone Car
10. Fools Gold
bonus tracks – CD only:
11. Sweet Baby
12. Tell You A Secret

June 6, 2024

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