BIRTH CONTROL Bring Their Last Platter To Stage

Still steered by bassist Peter Föller and drummer Manfred von Bohr, who joined the line-up in the ’70s, BIRTH CONTROL remain one of the most revered Krautrock ensembles – only it’s the most faithful fans that keep following them after decades of intermittent existence and know how potent the veterans’ heavy prog is, especially onstage. Here’s why quite a few of the band’s latest releases were concert documents – and here’s why the German collective decided to mark the recent Record Store Day with a set they laid down in front of an audience.

Live @ Tresohr Sessions

“Live @ Tresohr Sessions” is the group’s first vinyl platter in many years, yet its appeal feels strong enough to warrant the issue of CD version later. At the moment, it’s the only chance to listen to uninhibited takes on the material from 2022’s “Open Up” more than a half of which was played that night alongside “Right Place Wrong Time” from 2018. As for the classics, there are none – hopefully, digital variants will remedy this.

1. Gammaray 2.0
2. Right Place Wrong Time
3. I Don’t Mind
4. Open Sesame
5. Wrestling Mama
6. These Are The Days

May 31, 2024

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