These days, when supergroups are a dime a dozen, standing out and staying together, let alone building a steady following, is no mean feat for such line-ups, yet BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION somehow managed to have done not only that but also elicit fierce faithfulness in their fans who demand fresh creative products from this Anglo-American foursome. And if some of their listeners lost hope in seeing Glenn Hughes, Joe Bonamassa, John Bonham and Derek Sherinian return to the fray as a united force, since “BCCIV” arrived seven years ago, the quartet always maintained it’s simply been a hiatus. Prolonged by the pandemic, it’s set to finally cease on June 14th.


The band came back into the studio fairly recently and came out victorious, so the “V” in the title of their new record can suggest the results of the veterans’ efforts too. Not that this Roman letter seems too obvious on the album’s cover image – unlike the cover of the platter’s lead single “Stay Free” (see Hugh Syme’s artwork in the video below); and yes, the single will be made available separately from the longplay which is to see the release on CD and double vinyl. As for the music, it’s, of course, more of the same… brilliance as before.

1. Enlighten
2. Stay Free
3. Red Sun
4. Restless
5. Letting Go
6. Skyway
7. You’re Not Alone
8. Love And Faith
9. Too Far Gone
10. The Open Road


March 1, 2024

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