BLACK SABBATH Box Up “Sabotage”

Only four months down the line from super-deluxe edition of “Vol. 4” – and soon after the reissue of the “Paranoid” box set – BLACK SABBATH are to expand their 1975 heavy psychedelic classic “Sabotage” that’s scheduled to emerge on June 11th on 4 CDs and 4 LPs plus vinyl ’45. It’s odd, of course, that the godfathers of metal set their ultimate packages to track, as of now, only their even records – which can set the pointer for the next item in the series to “Never Say Die” rather than “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” that rumors place in this slot – yet it’s hard to complain, when there’s a lot of previously unreleased cuts, scarce though those may be in the studio aspect of things.

Alongside newly remastered album, the “Sabotage” set comprises two discs documenting the British quartet’s 1975 American tour, an entire show with just a couple of numbers having seen the light of day before, where of special interest is a snippet of “Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor” – that would be released on “Technical Ecstasy” the following year – in Tony Iommi’s solo. The last CD has but a brace of pieces which make it a copy of the group’s single, an original standalone experience where more material could fit. Still, with a usual 60-page hardcover book, a replica of booklet for the legends’ “Madison Square Garden” concert a copy of their 1975 tour poster, this package will delight many an aficionado.

Sabotage: Box Set

CD 1 – Original Album Remastered:
1. Hole in the Sky
2. Don’t Start (Too Late)
3. Symptom of the Universe
4. Megalomania
5. Thrill of It All
6. Supertzar
7. Am I Going Insane (Radio)
8. The Writ

CD 2 – North American Tour Live ’75:
1. Supertzar/Killing Yourself To Live
2. Hole in the Sky
3. Snowblind
4. Symptom of the Universe
5. War Pigs
6. Megalomania
7. Sabbra Cadabra
8. Jam 1 including guitar solo
9. Jam 2 including drum solo
10. Supernaut
11. Iron Man

Sabotage: Box Set

CD 3 – North American Tour Live ’75:
1. Guitar Solo incl. excerpts of Orchid and Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor
2. Black Sabbath
3. Spiral Architect
4. Embryo/Children Of The Grave
5. Paranoid

CD 4:
1. Am I Going Insane (Radio) (single edit)
2. Hole In The Sky

April 15, 2021

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