BLACK SABBATH Box Up Tony Martin Era But Not In Its Entirety

A talk of the town for about a year now, the upcoming appearance of BLACK SABBATH box set comprising the band’s output with Tony Martin was first mentioned by the singer himself and then, in early January 2024, officially confirmed by his namesake Iommi. Deviating from their previous archival collections focused on a particular platter and fleshing it out with extra material, laid down in studio and onstage, promised to span the entire era of the ensemble fronted by this vocalist, yet, somewhat logically, if going against the grain of completists’ intent, what’s to arrive under the title of “Anno Domini: 1989-1995” on May 31st consists only of four, out of five, albums of the period.

Yes, 1987’s “The Eternal Idol” has seen an expanded reissue, but the same can be said of the group’s debut and “Paranoid” which underwent a deluxe treatment anyway, so excluding it should annoy quite a few fans. And while one would be happy to embrace the 2024 remasters of “Headless Cross” from 1989, 1990’s “Tyr” and 1994’s “Cross Purposes” as well as a fresh, Iommi-driven remix of “Forbidden” from 1995, the omission of the last record’s original version doesn’t feel good. Also notable is the absence of “Cross Purposes Live” – yet, given there was a companion video release, this concert document may see a separate release further down the line. The four CDs are to be augmented with three additional cuts, a single B-side and two Japan-only bonus numbers; however, the vinyl set apparently sticks to classic tracklistings; as of usual printed paraphernalia, the new box will include a 40-page book with photos, artwork and liner notes, a replica of “Headless Cross” tour book, and a reproduction of a tour poster.

Anno Domini:

CD 1 – Headless Cross – 2024 Remaster:
1. The Gates Of Hell
2. Headless Cross
3. Devil & Daughter
4. When Death Calls
5. Kill In The Spirit World
6. Call Of The Wild
7. Black Moon
8. Nightwing
bonus track:
9. Cloak And Dagger

CD 2 – Tyr – 2024 Remaster:
1. Anno Mundi
2. The Law Maker
3. Jerusalem
4. The Sabbath Stones
5. The Battle Of Tyr
6. Odin’s Court
7. Valhalla
8. Feels Good To Me
9. Heaven In Black

Anno Domini:

CD 3 – Cross Purposes – 2024 Remaster:
1. I Witness
2. Cross Of Thorns
3. Psychophobia
4. Virtual Death
5. Immaculate Deception
6. Dying For Love
7. Back To Eden
8. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
9. Cardinal Sin
10. Evil Eye
bonus track:
11. What’s The Use

CD 4 – Forbidden – 2024 Remix:
1. Illusion Of Power
2. Get A Grip
3. Can’t Get Close Enough
4. Shaking Off The Chains
5. I Won’t Cry For You
6. Guilty As Hell
7. Sick And Tired
8. Rusty Angels
9. Forbidden
10. Kiss Of Death
bonus track:
11. Loser Gets It All

March 21, 2024

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